1 Kings 7
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1And Solomon built his house in thirteen years and the house was completed. 2And he built the House of the Forest of Lebanon, a hundred cubits in its length and fifty cubits in its width and thirty cubits in its height, on four rows of the pillars of cedar and saplings of cedar on the pillars. 3And he covered them with cedar from above, over the saplings that were upon the pillars, forty and five cubits, fifteen per row. 4And three rows of balconies, and adjacent to each other three times. 5And all the doors and the posts were square and were adjacent to one another three times.

6And a porch of the pillars he made fifty cubits in its length, and thirty cubits in its width, and the porch was at the entrance of the pillars and the court was in front of them.

7And the porch of the throne where he judged was there. He made the porch for judgment and he overlaid it in cedar from its foundation and unto its roof.

8And his house where he was dwelling was in another court inside the porch. He made work like this and he made a house according to this work for the daughter of Pharaoh whom Solomon took.

9All these costly stones were like the measure of cut stone that was extracted with a chisel from within and from outside and from its foundations and above and from outside and unto the courtyard of the house.

10Which fashioned costly stones and stones great stones of ten cubits and stones of eight cubits. 11From above were costly stones according to the measure of cut stones and cedars. 12And the great court like a circle was three rows of cut stones and a row of saplings of cedar and for the inner court of the house of LORD JEHOVAH and for the porch of the house.

13And King Solomon sent and he brought Khiram from Tyre. 14And he was son of a woman who was a widow from the tribe of Naphtali, and his father was a man, an Artisan and Craftsman in brass, and was filled with wisdom and understanding and knowledge to do every work of brass, and he came to King Solomon and he did all his work.

15And he formed two pillars of brass. The height of one pillar was eighteen cubits, and a cord of twelve cubits would wrap around it, and likewise for the other pillar. 16And two saplings he made to set on the top of the pillars, of the smelting of brass, five cubits the height of one sapling and five cubits the height of the other sapling. 17And he made lattices, twined lattices, and he made chains for the saplings that were upon the top of the pillars, seven for one sapling and seven for the other sapling. 18And he made pillars and two rows as a circle on one lattice to cover the saplings that were on the top of the pillar and thus also for the other pillar. 19And saplings that were upon the top of pillars, the work of lilies, and he made in the porch four cubits. 20And saplings that were upon the two pillars, also from above next to the side of the lattice and pomegranates, two hundred two rows in a circle on one sapling and so the other sapling. 21And he made the pillars of the porch of the temple, and he raised up the pillar from the right hand and he called its name Yakin, and he raised up the pillar from the left and he called its name Baaz. 22And upon the top of the pillars was the work of lilies, and he finished the works of the pillars.

23And he made a sea that was smelted, ten cubits from its edge and unto its edge, round as a circle, and five cubits its height, and a cord of thirty cubits going around it as a circle. 24The brims from under the edge as a circle, they go around it ten cubits; they go around the sea as a circle, two rows of the brims that were smelted in smelting. 25And it stood on twelve oxen; three faced to the North and three faced to the West and three faced to the South and three faced to the East, and the sea was upon them from over them, and their rear was inside the enclosure. 26And its thickness was a hands breadth, and its rim was like the rim of a cup with the fruit of lilies, and it held two thousand baths.

27And he made ten bases of brass; four cubits was the length of each base, and four cubits its width and three cubits its height. 28And the work of the bases had prominences. 29And upon the prominences that were between the collars were lionesses and bulls and Cherubim, and upon the coverings from above and from beneath: lionesses and bulls, the appearance of beautiful work. 30And four wheels of brass to each base and an axle of brass, and four corners joined them, and they had shoulders on the underside of them, shoulders of beautiful smelting work. 31And the mouth opening of the base from the inside was a cubit, and its mouth opening around was a cubit and a half cubit, also on its mouth were wreaths, and the prominences were square, not round. 32And there were four wheels from beneath for the prominences, and the hands of the wheels on each base and the height of each wheel was a cubit and a half cubit. 33And the work of the wheels was like the work of the wheels of chariots, and their hands and their sides and their ornaments and their beauty was the work of smelting. 34And there were four shoulders on the four corners of each base; its shoulder was from the base. 35And the belly of the base bowl was a half of a cubit and the height of the wheel was all around and upon the top of the base and its hands and its prominences. 36And the engravings on the tablets of its hands and upon its prominences were Cherubim and lions and palm trees as a circle. 37Thus he made them ten bases as one casting, and one measure, and one height for all of them.

38And he made ten basins of brass. Each basin held forty baths; each basin was four cubits, each on one base, thus for the ten bases. 39And he made the bases, the five of the side of the right side house and the five of the left side of the house, and the sea he made at the south south east side of the house.

40And Khiram made basins and metal pots and cauldrons and large hanging pots, and Khiram finished making all the work that King Solomon did in the house of LORD JEHOVAH 41The two pillars and the basins that were upon the top of the two pillars and two coverings to cover the two bases that were on the top of the pillars. 42And four hundred pomegranates for the two covers, two rows of pomegranates to cover each covering the two mouths of the bowls that are upon the top of the pillars 43And the ten bases and the ten basins that are upon the bowl bases 44And one sea and twelve bulls under the sea 45The metal pots and the cauldrons and the large hanging pots and all the implements of ministry that Khiram made for King Solomon for the house of LORD JEHOVAH were of Corinthian brass. 46In Kakar that is in the valley of Yerikho on the side of the Jordan, the King smelted them in the best of the land between Saquth and Tsartan. 47And Solomon made all the very many implements. There was no end to the weight of brass.

48For King Solomon made for the house of LORD JEHOVAH all the implements of the house of LORD JEHOVAH, the altar of gold and the table of gold on which is the bread of The Presence. 49And five menorahs of refined gold at the right and five at the left before the temple, and spoons and lamps and snuffers of gold. 50And saucers and lanterns and fire pans and spoons and censers of refined gold, and the overlay of the inner door of the Holy of Holies, and of the doors of refined gold of the house of the temple.

51And he finished all the work that King Solomon did in the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and Solomon brought the holy things of David his father. He brought silver and gold and vessels to the treasury of the house of LORD JEHOVAH.

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