1 Samuel 11
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1And Nakhash the Ammonite came up and he encamped at Lakish of Gelad, and all the men of Lakish said to Nakhash: “Establish a covenant with us and we shall serve you” 2And Nakhash the Ammonite said to them: “In this I shall establish with you a covenant, whenever you have put out, everyone, your right eye, and I shall make it a reproach upon all Israel 3And the Elders of Lakish said to him: “Let go us seven days, and we shall send Messengers into the entire border of Israel, and we will see if there is a Savior for us, and if not, then we will come forth to you” 4And the Messengers came to Ramtha of Shaul, and they spoke these words before the people, and all the people lifted up their voice and they wept

5And behold, Shaul came after the oxen from the field, and Shaul said: “What is it with the people, that they weep?” And they related to him the words of the men of Lakish 6And The Spirit of God opened up upon Shaul when he heard these words, and his anger was provoked greatly 7And he took the yoke of oxen and he cut them in pieces, and he sent them to the entire border of Israel by Messengers, saying, “Everyone who will not go out after Shaul and after Shemueil, in this way it shall be done to his oxen!” And the awe of God fell on the people and they all went out as one man 8And he numbered them in Bezeq, and there were three hundred thousand sons of Israel, and the men of Yehuda, thirty thousand 9And they said to the Messengers who came from Lakish: “Say to the men of Lakish and of Gelad, “Tomorrow you shall have salvation when the sun is hot!” And the Messengers came and told the men of Lakish, and they rejoiced 10And the men of Lakish said: “Tomorrow we will come forth to you, and you shall do to us all that is excellent in your eyes” 11And it was the day after and Shaul divided the people into three divisions, and he entered within the camp at the watch of dawn and destroyed the sons of Amon until the day was hot, and those who survived were scattered, and there were not found two of them together

12And the people said to Shemueil: “Who said ‘Shaul will not reign over us’? Give us the men! We shall kill them!” 13And Shaul said: “No man will be killed on this day, because today LORD JEHOVAH performed salvation for Israel!”

14And Shemueil said to the people: “Come, let us go to Galgala. We will restore the Kingdom there!” 15And all the people went to Galgala, and they made Shaul King there before LORD JEHOVAH in Galgala, and they sacrificed there peace sacrifices before LORD JEHOVAH, and Shaul and all the people of Israel rejoiced there greatly

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