1 Samuel 21
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1And Jonathan arose and entered the city 2And David came to Nakakh to Akhimelek the Priest, and Akhimelek was sorry at the meeting of David, and he said to him: “Why have you come alone? You have come and no man is with you!” 3And David said to Akhimelek the Priest: “The King commanded me something and said to me, “No man shall know the thing for which I send you and command you and the young men. I discovered the place of a garden and a secret place 4And now what is under your hand? Give into my hands five loaves of bread or whatever is found" 5And the Priest answered David and said to him: “There is no common bread under my hands, but the bread of holiness is. If the young men have kept themselves from the offering” 6And David answered and said to the Priest: “The offering is permitted to us from yesterday and from the day before yesterday when we came out, and behold, the garments of the young men are holy and this way is permitted, also today it is hallowed in the vessels”

7And the Priest gave to him the holy thing because there was no bread except the bread of the presence that was taken from before LORD JEHOVAH, to set hot bread on the day it is taken

8And a man was there of the Servants of Shaul on that day, shut up before LORD JEHOVAH, and his name was Dueg an Edomite, a mighty man of the Shepherds of Shaul 9And David said to Akhimelek: “Is there not here under your hand a sword or a spear? I have taken neither my sword nor a spear in my hands, because the King’s matter was hasty.”

10And the Priest said: “The sword of Gulyath the Philistine, whom you killed in the valley in Temtha, and behold, it is wrapped in a napkin behind the ephod. If you will take it, take it ,because there is none other here.” And David said: “There is none like it! Give it to me!”

11And David arose and fled on that day from before Shaul, and came to Akish, King of Gath

12And his Servants said to Akish: “This is the King of the land of Israel! The daughters of Israel were magnifying this man and saying, ‘Shaul killed thousands, and David, ten thousands!’” 13And David put these words in his heart and was very afraid before Akish King of Gath 14And he changed his sensibility in his eyes and was disfigured in their eyes, and he sat down at the door post of the door and he put spittle on his beard 15And Akish said to his Servants: “Behold, you have seen that the man is mad! Why have you brought him to me?” [16] Am I lacking sense that you have brought this man who is insane to me? Shall this man enter my house?!”

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