2 Chronicles 10
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1And Rekhabaam went to Shecheem, because all Israel went to Shekeem for the establishment of the King. 2And it was that when Yorbaam heard, and all Israel 3They came saying to Rehoboam, the son of Solomon: 4“Your father greatly oppressed us, and you now take away from the hard oppression of your father and from his severe dominion, and we will serve you.” 5And he said to them: “Go, and after three days come to me.” And the people came to him.

6And King Rekhabaam took counsel with the Elders who were working for Solomon his father when he was living, and he said to them: “What answer do you advise to return to this people?” 7And they spoke with him and they were saying to him: “If the answer is good to this people, and you will rejoice before their faces and you shall speak good words with them, they will be to you fine Servants and Laborers all the days of your life.” 8And he forsook the counsel of the Elders that they advised him, and he went on and he was advised by the boys who grew up with him and they stood before him. 9And he said to them: “What answer do you advise to return to this people who spoke with me, and they were saying to me: ”Take away from us the oppression with which your father oppressed us and we will work for you?” 10And the boys who grew up with him in the streets spoke with him, and they were saying to him: “Thus say to the people who spoke with you and were saying to you, ‘Your father made our subjection severe, and take away from our subjection, thus say to them: My little finger is thicker than the thumb of my father. 11Also now, my father oppressed you with hard bondage, and I will add to your oppression. My father chastised you with whips, and I shall chastise you with scourges.’”

12And Yorbaam came and all the people on the third day, according to what time he asked of them, and said to them: “Come to me by the third day.” 13And the King answered them with the hard words and King Rekhabaam abandoned the counsel of the Elders which they had advised him. 14And he spoke with them according to the words of the boys and said to them: “My father increased your oppression and I am adding to your oppression. My father chastised you with whips and I am chastising you with scourges!” 15And the people of the King did not listen, because there was an onslaught from before LORD JEHOVAH, that the word of Akhia the Prophet, who was from Shiloh, would be confirmed about Yorbaam, son of Nebat.

16And all Israel saw that the King did not listen to them, and the people returned an answer to the King and they were saying to him: “We have no part with David, neither an inheritance with the son of Iyshay! Go Israel, each man to his house! Therefore, see to your house, David!” And Israel went to their homes.

17And the children of Israel who were dwelling in the villages of Yehuda, Rekhabaam took counsel against them. 18And King Rekhabaam sent Aduniram against them who was authorized over paying of taxes, and all Israel stoned him with stones, and he died, and King Rekhabaam went up and he sat himself in a chariot to flee to Jerusalem. 19And the children of Israel have rebelled against the house of David until today.

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