2 Chronicles 14
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1And Abia fell asleep with his fathers, and they buried him in the city of David, and Asa his son arose in the kingdom after him. In his days the land was rested from battles for twenty years.

2And Asa did what is good and what is beautiful before LORD JEHOVAH his God. 3And he tore down the altars of foreign gods and high places, and he shattered monuments and he cut down the bronze statues. 4And he said to Yehuda: ”Come, we will pray before LORD JEHOVAH, God of our fathers.” 5And he uprooted from all the cities of the house of Yehuda the high places and idols, and his Kingdom was comforted in his days, and he had no enemy of all the Lords of his border. 6And he built fortress cities in the land of Yehuda, because the land was refreshed and there was no man that made war with them these years, because LORD JEHOVAH was giving it rest. 7And he said to those of the house of Yehuda: “Come, we will build up these cities, and walls and towers and gates and bars will encircle them while the land is quiet from battles; because we seek LORD JEHOVAH our God, he also is seeking us, and he has given us rest from all who are around us, and he has comforted us and he has saved us.” 8And Asa had mighty men of the army, the bearers of swords and spears from the house of Yehuda, three hundred thousand, and of those of the house Benjamin wearing breastplates and drawing a bow, two hundred and eighty thousand, all these mighty men of power.

9And Zarakh, a HinduIndian went out to them with a great army of one million, and thirty thousand in two horse chariots, and they came and they arrived at Mareshah. 10And Asa went out against him and made war with him in the valley of Marasha. 11And Asa prayed before LORD JEHOVAH his God, and said: “You are our Lord, the helper of your people; when you hand over a great army into the hands of a little one, then all the inhabitants of the world will know that it is beautiful that we are trusting upon you! Help us, LORD JEHOVAH our God, because in your name we are coming against this great army! LORD JEHOVAH, God, do not defer your might from us!” 12And then when Asa finished praying his prayer, the Angel of LORD JEHOVAH defeated the Hindus before Asa, and the Hindus fled before Yehuda. 13And Asa and the people that were with him pursued them unto Gadar, and a numberless multitude of the Hindus fell, because they were defeated before LORD JEHOVAH and before his armies, and they took and captured a very great captivity. 14And they attacked all the cities with the sword that were around Gadar because the awe of LORD JEHOVAH was upon them, and they plundered all the cities, because much spoil was in them. 15Also they brought the tents of the Arabians and took captive very many sheep and camels and they brought them to Jerusalem.

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