2 Chronicles 16
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1And in the thirty sixth year of the kingdom of Asa, Baasha King of Israel went up against those of the house of Yehuda, and he built Ramtha, because they were not allowing Asa King of Yehuda to go out and to enter 2And Asa brought out silver and gold from the house of treasure of LORD JEHOVAH, and from the house of the King, and he sent to Barhadad King of Edom who dwelt in Darmsuq and he said to him: 3“An oath is between me and you and between my father and between your father. Behold, I have sent you silver and gold. Go abolish the oath that you swore with Baasha King of Israel, so that he will be taken in from me.” 4And BarHadad listened to King Asa and he sent the Generals of the army that he had and they came and they encamped against the towns of Israel, and they seized Aion and Abil Bayth Maaka, and all the storehouses of the cities of the house of Naphtali. 5Then when Baasha heard, he departed from building Ramtha and he stopped all his building. 6And Asa the King was gathering all the house of Yehuda, and they took the stones of Ramtha and the timbers that were prepared to build it for Baasha, and King Asa built Ramtha of Benyamin with them, and the town Matspaya.

7And in that time Khanan the Prophet came to Asa, King of Yehuda, and said to him: “Because you have trusted on the King of Edom, and you have not trusted on LORD JEHOVAH, your God, because of this, the army of Edom shall escape from you. 8And they shall go and shall be strengthened, those and the Hindus and the Kings that are with them, and they shall be for the armies and for the chariots and for the very many horsemen, and when you beg of LORD JEHOVAH, God, he will turn them over into your hands. 9Because the eyes of LORD JEHOVAH gaze in all the Earth, and be strengthened and your heart shall be perfect for his awe, and understand all his wonders, because LORD JEHOVAH your God does battle for you!” 10And Asa was angry with the Watchman and he put him into the house of prisoners, because he was reporting something that he had not seen and was agitating the heart of the people; because of this, Asa at that time ran from the people.

11And behold, the accounts of Asa, first and last, behold, those are written in the scroll of the Kings of Yehuda and of Israel. 12And Asa fought in the thirtyninth year of his reign, and he became ill in his feet, and he fell within his house. 13And Asa fell asleep with his fathers and he was buried in his tomb, and he died in the forty first year of his reign. 14And he was buried in the tomb of David, and they laid him on a bier that was full of sweet spices and they burned a very great burning.

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