2 Kings 22
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1Yoshiah was a son of eight years when he became king, and thirtyone years he reigned in Jerusalem, and the name of his mother, Yadida, daughter of Azarayah, was from Bazqeth. 2And he did what is beautiful before LORD JEHOVAH, and he walked in all the way that David his father had walked, and he did not turn aside to the right or to the left.

3And in year eighteen of King Yoshiah, the King sent to Shaphan, son of Alatsia, son of Mashlam, the Scribe of the house of LORD JEHOVAH, saying: 4“Go up to Khelqia the great Priest, and he shall hand over the silver that comes into the house of LORD JEHOVAH which the keepers of the door have collected from the people. 5And they shall deliver it to my Servants of the work that was appointed in the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and they shall deliver it to the Servants of the work that is in the house of LORD JEHOVAH, to make the repairs of the house of LORD JEHOVAH 6To the Carpenters and to the Stone Masons and to the Master Builders, to buy wood and cut stones to restore the house of LORD JEHOVAH.” 7However, the money that was given into their hands was not accounted with them, because they were working by faith.

8And Khelqia the Priest High said to Shaphan the Scribe: “I have found the Scroll of the Law in the house of LORD JEHOVAH!” And Khelqia the Priest gave the Scroll of the Law to Shaphan the Scribe, and he read it. 9And Shaphan the Scribe came to the King, that he would return to the King an account, and he said: “Your Servants have delivered the silver that was found in the house of LORD JEHOVAH and have delivered it to the Servants of the work who were put in charge in the house of LORD JEHOVAH.” 10And Shaphan the Scribe showed the King and said: “Khelqia the Priest gave me the Scroll of the Law!” And Shaphan read it before the King.

11And when the King heard the words of the Scroll of the Torah, he ripped his clothes. 12And the King commanded Khelqia and Akhiqam, son of Shaphan, and Abakur, son of Mikah, and Shaphan the Scribe, and Ashia the Servant of the King, and said: 13“Go ask of LORD JEHOVAH for me and for all the people and for all Yehuda concerning the words of this scroll that was found, because the anger of LORD JEHOVAH is great with which he is angered against us, because our fathers have not listened to the words of this scroll to do according to what is written in it.”

14And Khelqia the Priest went on, and Akhiqam, and Abakur, and Shaphan, and Ashaya to Khuldi the Prophetess, the wife of Shallum, son of Teqwa, son of Khadkhas, Keeper of Armor, and she was dwelling in Jerusalem in the second rank, and they spoke with her. 15And she said to them: “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, God of Israel: ‘Say to the man who sent you to me: 16‘Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, God of Israel: behold, I bring evil on this place and upon its inhabitants all the words of the scroll that the King of Yehuda read 17Because they have forsaken me and they have placed incense to other gods, and they angered me by the work of their hands, my anger will increase in this place, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall destroy you.’ 18And to the King of Yehuda who sent you to inquire of LORD JEHOVAH, thus say: ‘Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, God of Israel: 19The words which you have heard, because your heart was sad and you trembled from before LORD JEHOVAH when you heard the thing that I said against this place and against its inhabitants, that it will be a horror and for a curse, and you have torn your garments and you wept before me, also I have heard, says LORD JEHOVAH. 20Because of this, behold, I gather you to your fathers and you shall be gathered to a tomb in peace, and your eyes shall not look on all the evil that I bring on this place.’” And they returned the answer to the King.

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