2 Samuel 10
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1And after this the King of the sons of Amun died, and Khanun his son reigned after him 2And David said: “I shall do a favor with Khanun son of Nakhash, like his father did a favor with me.” And David sent by his Servants to comfort him about his father, and the Servants of David came to the land of the sons of Amun 3And the Princes of the sons of Amun said to Khanun their Lord: “Was David surely honoring your father in your eyes because he sent you comforters? Was it not to spy the city and to search it and to overthrow it that David sent his Servants to you?” 4And Khanun the Servants of David seized them and shaved half of their beards and he bound their tunics in folds unto their buttocks and he sent them away 5And they told David and he sent to meet them because the men were very ashamed. The King said to them: “Stay in Yerikho until your beards will grow, and then return”

6And the sons of Amun saw that they had offended against David, and the sons of Amun sent and they hired Adum, son of Rakhub, and Adum, son of Tsuba, twenty thousand infantry, and a thousand men from the King of Makah, and twelve thousand footmen of Ashitub 7And David heard and he sent Yuab and all the army of men 8And the sons of Amun went out and they sent the battle to the entrance of the gate of Adum, son of Rakhub, and of Adum, son of Tsuba, and of Ashitub, and of Makah, by themselves in the field

9And Yuab saw that war was set against him before him and behind him, and he chose from all the choice men of Israel and he sent them against Adum 10And the rest of the people he handed over to Abishi his brother and he sent them against the sons of Amun 11And he said to Abishi his brother: “If Adum will be stronger than I, be a helper to me, and if the sons of Amun will be stronger than you, I shall come and I shall help you 12And we will be strong and we will fight for the sake of our people and for the sake of our cities of our God, and LORD JEHOVAH shall do the thing that is beautiful in his eyes!” 13And Yuab came near and the people that were with him to fight with Adum, and they fled from before him 14And the sons of Amun saw that Adum fled, and they fled also from before Abishi, and they entered the city, and Yuab turned from the sons of Amun and he entered Jerusalem

15And Adum saw that he was defeated before the sons of Israel, and they gathered as one 16And Hedarezar sent and he brought out Adum which was from across the river, and they came to Khilam, and Shubak the General of the army of Hedarezar went before them 17And they told David, and he assembled all Israel and they crossed the Jordan, and they came to Khilam, and Adum lined up against Israel, and David fought with Adum 18And Adum fled before Israel, and David killed of Adum one thousand seven hundred chariots and four thousand horsemen, and he struck many people and Shubak the General of the army of Hedarezar, and he died there 19And all of the Servants of Hedarezar saw that they were defeated before the sons of Israel, and they made peace with Israel, and they served them, and Adum were afraid to help the children of Amun again

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