2 Samuel 15
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1And after this Abishlum made for himself chariots and horsemen and fifty Runners who were running before him 2And Abishlum was rising early and was standing at the side of the gate of the King, and every man who had a judgment to judge before the King, Abishlum was calling him to himself and he said to him: “From which city are you?” He said to him: “I am your Servant from one of the tribes of Israel” 3Abishlum says to him: “Behold, I see your words are good and right, and there is no one listening to you from the presence of the King” 4And Abishlum said: “But who makes me Judge in the land and comes to me? Every man who has a judgment and vengeance, even I would be a champion to him!” 5And whenever a man would arise to do homage, he would take him by his hand and kiss him 6And Abishlum was doing so to all Israel who were coming to be judged before the King, and Abishlum took away the heart of all the sons of Israel

7And after four years, Abishlum said to the King: “I shall go finish my vows that I have vowed to LORD JEHOVAH in Khebruun 8For your Servant vowed a vow, when I dwelt in Geshur and in Adum, that if surely LORD JEHOVAH would return me to Jerusalem, I shall serve LORD JEHOVAH” 9The King said to him: “Go in peace!” And he arose, he went to Khebrun 10And Abishlum sent spies into all the tribes of Israel and commanded: “When you have heard the sound of the trumpet, say, ‘Abishlum reigns in Khebruun!’" 11And two hundred men from Jerusalem went with Abishlum, and they went innocently, not knowing a thing 12And Abishlum sent for Akhithuphel the Galiunite, Counselor of King David, and he brought him from his city from Gelyu as he sacrificed a sacrifice, and a rebellion was going on and was strong, and the people were greatly increasing on the side of Abishlum

13And a Messenger came to David and said to him: “The hearts of the sons of Israel have conspired with Abishlum!” 14And David said to all the Servants of his people in Jerusalem: “Arise, let us escape lest we cannot escape from before Abishlum! Quickly, let us go for ourselves, lest he will be quick and he will overtake us, and he will thrust evil upon us, and he shall strike the city with the mouth of the sword!” 15And the Servants of the King said to the King: “Everything that you please, our Lord the King, thus your Servants do!” 16And the King went out and all the children of his house at his feet, and the King left ten women of the Concubines to keep his house 17And the King went out and all the people at his feet, and they stood at a distance 18And all his Servants went away with him and all of his Nobles, and all his Soldiers, and all the Gittites who came at his feet from Gath, passing before the King

19The King said to Ati the Gittite: “Why do you go also with us? Stay behind from the King, because you are a foreigner, also you were surely brought forth from your country 20Yesterday you came, and today will we shake you that you will go with us? And I shall go to wherever I go. Stay behind and settle well with your brethren” 21And Ati answered and said to the King: “Living is LORD JEHOVAH and living is your soul, oh King, but in the place that my Lord the King will be, whether in death or in life, there shall your Servant be!” 22And David said to Ati: “Cross over; get yourself out!” And Ati the Gittite crossed over and all his men, and all the family that was with him. 23And all the land was weeping a great weeping, and all the people crossed, and the King crossed in the river valley of Qedrown, and all the people crossed on the entrance of the road of the wilderness

24And behold, also Tsadoq the Priest and all the Levites who were with him were carrying the ark of God, and Abiathar came up until all the people finished crossing over from the city 25And the King said to Tsadoq: “Return the Ark of God to the city. Perhaps I shall find compassion in the eyes of LORD JEHOVAH, and he will return me and will show me himself and his dwelling 26And if he will say thus: “‘I do not delight in you’, behold, I stay. He shall do to me according to what is beautiful in his eyes” 27And the King said to Tsadoq the Priest: “Return, go to the city in peace, you and Akhimets your son, and Nathan, son of Abiathar, both your sons with you 28See, now, I will wait in the plain of the wilderness until a man comes from your presence and shows me” 29And Tsadoq and Abiathar the Priests returned the Ark of God to Jerusalem and they stayed there

30And David went up on the ascent of Olives; he wept and went up and was walking and he covered his head and all the people who were with him covered their heads, and they wept and they went up 31And they told David and they said to him: “Akhithuphel himself revolted with Abishlum!" And David spoke and said: “Let the counsel of Akhithuphel be nullified!"

32And David arrived to one place where he had worshiped God, and Khushi the Arkite came to him, ripping his tunic and casting dust on his head 33David said to him: “If you cross over with me, you are a burden 34But return to the city and go to Abishlum and say to Abishlum: ‘I am your Servant, oh King, and the Servant of your father from former time!’ And now, I the King, I beg of you, go destroy the counsel of Akhithuphel 35Behold Tsadoq and Abiathar the Priests are there with you. Every the word that you hear from the house of the King, show to Tsadoq and to Abiathar the Priests 36Behold their two sons, Akhimats, the son of Tsadoq and Nathan, son of Abiathar, are there. Send to me by their hands all the things that you hear” 37And Khushi the friend of David went on to the city, and Abishlum entered Jerusalem

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