2 Samuel 2
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1And it happened after this and David asked of LORD JEHOVAH and said: “Shall I ascend to one of the towns of Yehuda?” And LORD JEHOVAH said to him: “Go up.” And David said: “To which shall I ascend?” And he said to him: “To Khebron” 2And David went up there and also his two wives, Akhinam who was from Yizrael, and Abigal the wife of Nabal the Karmelite 3And David and his men with him went up and the men of his house and they dwelt in Khebruun 4And the men of Yehuda came to anoint David there to reign over the house of Yehuda, and they told David and they said to him: “The men of Yabish of Gelad have buried Shaul!” 5And David sent Messengers to the men of Yabish of Gelad and said to them: “Blessed are you to LORD JEHOVAH, for you have done this kindness with your Lord, with Shaul, for you have buried him 6And now LORD JEHOVAH shall perform with you grace and truth, and I also shall perform with you this kindness because you have made this response 7And now let your hands be strengthened and be sons of power, because Shaul your Lord is dead, and the sons of Yehuda have anointed me that I shall reign over them!”

8And Abnir, son of Nir, General of the army of Shaul, took Ashbashul, son of Shaul, and brought him to Makhanim 9And crowned him King over Gelad and over Geshur and over Yizrael and over Aphrim and over Benyamin and over all Israel 10Ashbashul, son of Shaul, was a son of forty years when he was made King over Israel, and he reigned two years; however, they of the house of Yehuda were following after David 11And the number of days when King David reigned in Khebruun over those of the house of Yehuda was seven years and six months

12And Abnir son of Nir went out, and the Servants of Ashbashul, son of Shaul from Makhanim to Gebuun 13And Yuab, son of Tsuria, and the men of David went out and they met with the young men in Gebuun as one, and these young men sat down here, and those young men sat there 14And Abnir said to Yuab: “The young men shall arise, they shall play before us!” And Yuab said: “Let them arise!” 15And they arose, and twelve of Benyamin of Ashbashul son of Shaul and twelve of the men of David passed over by number 16And they caught each man his neighbor by the head and his sword entered the side of his neighbor, and they fell as one, and they called that place Khaqlath Tsaran, which is in Gebuun 17And there was a very severe battle on that day, and Abnir was defeated and the men of Israel before the Servants of David

18And there were three sons of Tsuria: “Yuab and Abishai and Shayel, and Shayel was fast on his feet, as one of the deer that is in the wilderness 19And Shayel chased after Abnir and he did not turn aside to go to the right or to the left after Abnir 20And Abnir turned behind him and said: “You are this Shayel”, and he said: “I am” 21And Abnir said to him: “Turn yourself either to your right or to your left and seize for yourself one of the young men and take for yourself his armor!” And Shayel would not turn from following after him 22And Abnir continued again telling Shayel to turn from after him and said: “Turn yourself from after me lest I strike you and I throw you on the ground, and how will I lift my face and gaze at Yuab your brother?” 23And he chose not to turn aside, and Abnir struck him with the back end of the spear at his chest and it came out of his back, and he fell there and died on the same spot. And everyone who came would stand still at this place where Shayel fell

24This verse is missing from the Peshitta 25And the sons of Benyamin were gathered after Abnir and were one company, and they stood on top of one hill 26And Abnir shouted to Yuab and said: “Will the sword kill forever? Do you not know what you will bitterly be in the end? How long will you not tell the people to turn back from going after their brothers?” 27And Yuab said: “Living is LORD JEHOVAH! If you had not spoken, truly at dawn I would have saved the people, each man from going after his brother!” 28And Yuab sounded on the trumpet, and all the people stood still, and they did not pursue again after Israel, and they did not continue again to battle 29And Abnir and his Servants walked in the desert all that night, and they did not cross the Jordan, and they went to the face of Geshur and they came to Makhnim

30And Yuab returned from after Abnir and assembled all the people, and they were counted, and twelve of the men of David were wounded, and Shayel died 31And the men of David killed three hundred and sixty men of Benyamin and of the men of Abnir 32And they took Shayel and they buried him in the tomb of his father in Beyth Lekhem, and Yuab went all night and his companions, and dawn arose on them in Khebruun

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