Deuteronomy 15
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1"And after seven years perform forgiveness. 2And this is the right of forgiveness: every man landowner shall forgive the debt that his neighbor owed to him; he shall not seek it from his neighbor or from his brother because it is called forgiveness to LORD JEHOVAH. 3And you may seek it from a foreigner, and anything that you have with your brother, forgive; 4That there shall not be poor among you, because LORD JEHOVAH your God will certainly bless you in the land that LORD JEHOVAH your God gives you to possess it: 5And if you will hear the voice of LORD JEHOVAH your God and you keep and do this entire commandment that I command you today. 6LORD JEHOVAH your God shall bless you as He said to you: you shall lend to many nations and you shall not borrow, and you shall have authority over many nations and they shall not have dominion over you.

7And if there will be a poor one among you, one of your brethren in one of your cities in the land that LORD JEHOVAH your God gives to you, you shall not harden your heart and you shall not shut your hand from your poor brother: 8But open to him your hand and lend him anything that is lacking to him. 9Beware lest there shall be an evil response in your heart and you will say 'The year of forgiveness has come near, the seventh year' , and your eye will become evil against your poor brother, and you will not give to him and he will cry out against you to LORD JEHOVAH and sin will be upon you. 10But give to him and do not let your heart do harm when you give to him; because of this matter LORD JEHOVAH your God will bless you in all your works and in anything to which you reach your hand. 11For the poor does not cease from within the land, because of this, I command you and I say to you that you shall open your hand to your poor brother and to the afflicted who is in your land.

12And when your brother Hebrew or Hebrew woman will be sold to you, he shall serve you six years, and in the seventh year release him as a son of freedom from your presence. 13And when you have released him as a son of freedom from your presence, you shall not release him with nothing: 14But set aside and give him some of your flock and some of your cattle and some of your threshing floor and some from your winepress and give to him some of whatever LORD JEHOVAH your God has given you. 15And remember that you were a Slave in Egypt and LORD JEHOVAH your God saved you, because of this I command you this word today. 16And if he will say to you: “I did not go out from your presence, because I loved you and your household and your people is suitable for me”; 17Take an awl and pierce his ear on the door and he will be a Servant to you for life; also you shall do so to your Maid.

18And it shall not be evil in your eyes when you have released him as a son of freedom from your presence because for double the hire of a hired man he worked for you six years, and LORD JEHOVAH your God will bless you in everything that you do.

19And every first born that will be born among your cattle and among your herds, hallow the male to LORD JEHOVAH your God; you shall not work with the firstborn of your cattle and you shall not shear the first born of your sheep. 20But eat it before LORD JEHOVAH your God from year to year in the place that LORD JEHOVAH has chosen, you and your household. 21And if there shall be a defect in it, or it is lame, or blind, or anything bad, you shall not bring it to LORD JEHOVAH your God. 22But eat the defiled and the clean in your cities together; you shall eat it like the deer and like the stag. 23Only the blood you shall not eat, but pour it on the ground like water.”

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