Ezekiel 34
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1And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was upon me, saying: 2“Son of man, prophesy against the Shepherds of Israel. Prophesy and say to them: ‘Shepherds, thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: Woe, Shepherds of Israel, who feed themselves! It is not the sheep the Shepherds are feeding! 3You eat the fat males and you wear their wool, and you slaughter fatlings, and you do not feed the sheep 4Those who are weak you have not strengthened, and those who are sick you have not healed, and that which was broken you have not bound up, and that which strayed you have not returned, and that which is lost you have not searched for, but by violence you have enslaved them 5And my sheep were scattered without a Shepherd, and they were food for every animal of the wilderness 6And my sheep gone astray in all the mountains and upon every hill that is high, and my sheep were scattered in all the Earth, and there is none who seeks, also none who gathers

7Because of this, Shepherds, hear the word of LORD JEHOVAH 8As I am alive, says THE LORD OF LORDS, because my sheep were for prey and my sheep were food for every animal of the wilderness which is without a Shepherd, and the Shepherds did not feed my sheep, but the Shepherds fed themselves and they did not feed my sheep 9Because of this, Shepherds, hear the word of LORD JEHOVAH 10Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: “Behold, I am against the Shepherds, and I shall demand my sheep from their hands, and I shall stop them that they shall not shepherd my sheep again, and I shall save my sheep from their mouths, and they shall not be food for them anymore

11Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: ‘Behold, I seek my sheep and I care for them 12As when a Shepherd takes care of his flock in the day of violent rain, so I shall take care of my sheep and I shall gather them from all of the regions where they were scattered, in the day of clouds and of thick darkness 13And I shall bring them out from the nations, and I shall gather them from the cities, and I shall bring them to their land and I shall shepherd them in the mountains of Israel, and in the valleys, and in every dwelling of the land 14In the place of The Good Shepherd I shall shepherd them, and in the high mountains of Israel their fold shall be; there they shall feed in a good fold and they shall graze a heavenly pasture in the mountains of Israel 15I shall shepherd my sheep and I shall make them lie down, says THE LORD OF LORDS 16I shall seek that which is lost and I shall return that which has strayed, and I shall bind up that which was broken, and I shall strengthen what is weak and that which is fat, and I shall preserve that which is strong, and I shall shepherd them with justice

17But to you, my sheep, thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: ‘Behold, I judge between a ewe and a ewe, and between a ram and a ram 18Is the good pasture not enough for you, Shepherds, which you graze, and the rest of your pasture you tread on with your feet, and you drink water, and the rest that are left you are troubling with your feet? 19And my sheep graze the treading of your feet and drink the waters that your feet stirred up

20Because of this, thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: behold I judge between a fat ewe and a sickly ewe 21Because they were pushing with their sides and with their shoulders and were goring all the weak with their horns until they scattered them out 22And I shall save my flock, and it will not be again a prey to them, and I shall judge between one ewe and another ewe, and between one ram and another ram

23And I shall raise up a Shepherd over them, and David my Servant shall shepherd them; he shall feed them and he shall be a Shepherd to them 24And I, LORD JEHOVAH, I shall be God to them, and David my Servant shall be the Ruler among them

25And I shall make covenant with them, a covenant of peace, and I shall rid the land of harmful animals, and they shall stay in the wilderness in quietness, and they shall sleep in the forest 26And I shall give to them my blessing around my hill, and I shall bring down rain in its time, and it will be the rain of blessing 27And the trees of the land shall produce fruit, and the Earth shall give its harvests, and they shall dwell in their land in confidence, and they shall know that I AM LORD JEHOVAH, when I have broken their yoke and I have delivered them from the hand of their slave masters 28And they shall not be prey again for the nations, neither shall the beasts of the field eat them, and they shall dwell in confidence, and there shall be none harmful to them 29And I shall raise up for them the planting of peace, and they shall suffer no more pain in famine in the earth, and they shall bear no more reproach from the Gentiles 30And they shall know that I AM LORD JEHOVAH, their God, and those are my people of the house of Israel, says THE LORD OF LORDS 31But you are my sheep, the flock of my pasture. You are children of men, and I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God, says THE LORD OF LORDS”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
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