Isaiah 50
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “What is the writing of divorce by which I divorced your mother, or who is your creditor to whom I sold you? Behold, you have been sold by your sins, and by your evil your mother is divorced

2Why have I come and there is no man, and I called and there is no one who answers? My hands have harvested the harvest and it failed, or is there no power in me to save? Behold, with my rebuke I dry up the sea and I make rivers as the wilderness, and their fish stink from lack of water and they die

3And I clothe the Heavens in darkness and I make their covering sackcloth

4LORD JEHOVAH God gave to me the tongue of learning, that I shall make known and I shall show the word to the troubled. I shall awaken at dawn, at dawn he shall make for me an ear to hear learning

5LORD JEHOVAH God opened an ear for me and I did not turn my back, neither did I stand in contention

6My body I have given to scourgings and my cheeks to beatings, and my face I have not turned from shame and from spitting

7And LORD JEHOVAH God helped me; because of this, I am not ashamed; because of this, I have made my face like stone, and I have known that I am not ashamed

8For he is near who is justifying me; who is condemning? Judging with me, we shall stand as one, or who is my adversary at law, let him come to me!

9Behold LORD JEHOVAH God is a helper to me; who is condemning me? Behold, all of them wear out as clothing, and a moth will eat them

10Who is among you who is in awe of LORD JEHOVAH? Let him listen to the voice of his Servant. He who walks in darkness and has no light, he shall hope in The Name of LORD JEHOVAH and he shall be saved in his God

11Behold, all of you set me a fire and kindle me flames. Go in the brightness of your fire and in the flames that you have kindled; from my hands you shall encounter this: “You shall lie down in sorrow”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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