Isaiah 7
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1And it was in the days of Akhaz, son of Yotham, son of Uzzia, the King of Judea, Retsan, King of Aram, went up and Paqakh, son of Rumlia, King of Israel, to Jerusalem to fight with it and they could not fight against it 2And it was said to the house of David: “Aram is intertwined with Aphreim”, and his heart was shaken and the heart of his people, as a tree of the forest is shaken from before the wind

3And LORD JEHOVAH said to Eshaiya: “Go out to meet him who is of Akhaz, you and Sharishuub your son, on the side of the upper lake that is on the road of the field of the fortress 4And say to him: “Pay attention and be still and do not be afraid, and your heart shall not be amazed by these two rear ends, firebrands burnt from the heat of the wrath of Retsan and of the son of Rumlia 5Because Aram and Aphreim and the son of Rumlia counseled evil against you and they said 6‘We will go up to Yehuda and we will tear it down, and we will make a treaty with it, and the King the son of Tabeil will reign in it’” 7Thus says LORD JEHOVAH God: “It shall not be established and it shall not be 8Because the head of Aram is Darmsuq, and the head of Darmsuq, Retsan, and after sixty and five years Aphreim shall fall from the people 9And the head of Aphreim is Samaria, and the head of Samaria is the son of Rumlia, and if you will not believe, neither will you understand”

10And LORD JEHOVAH continued again saying to Akhaz 11”Ask for yourself a sign from LORD JEHOVAH your God. Ask, going deep, or lift up on high” 12And Akhaz said, “I shall not ask and I shall not test LORD JEHOVAH my God” 13And he said, “Hear, house of David, it is little for you that you weary men, but will you weary also my God? 14Because of this, LORD JEHOVAH God will give you a sign; behold, the virgin has conceived and she gives birth to The Son and his Name shall be called Ammanuyel 15Butter and honey he will eat, that he will know to reject the evil and to choose the good 16Because before the boy will know to reject the evil and to choose the good, the land that you loathe shall be forsaken from before its two Kings

17LORD JEHOVAH shall bring upon you and upon your people and upon the household of your father days that have not come since the day that the King of Assyria removed Aphreim from Yehuda

18And it will happen in that day LORD JEHOVAH shall whistle for the flies that are on the edges of the rivers of Egypt and for the bees that are in the land of Assyria 19And they shall come and they all shall rest in the valley of Yathuth and in the chasms of rock and in all the hollows

20In that day LORD JEHOVAH shall shave a drunkard with a razor at the crossing of the river with the King of Assyria, from his head and unto the hair of his feet, also he will remove his beard

21And it will happen in that day, that a man shall save the calf of an ox and two sheep 22And it will happen from the abundance of making milk he will eat butter, because honey and cream he will eat from what is left within the land

23And it will be in that day, everywhere that has in it a thousand vines for a thousand pieces of silver, shall be for a thicket and for thorns 24And with arrows and with bows they shall enter there because thickets and thorns shall fill all the land 25And all the mountains were ploughed with a plow, and the fear of thickets and of thorns shall not enter there, and it will be a place of grazing for oxen and a place of treading for sheep

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