Jeremiah 5
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1Travel around in the streets of Jerusalem and see and know and search in its broad ways. If you can find a man, if there is one that does justice and seeks faith, I shall forgive her

2And if LORD JEHOVAH lives, they will say: “Truly, in falsehood they are swearing vows!”

3LORD JEHOVAH, your eyes on the faith, you have struck them, and they have not grieved. You have wasted them and they have not chosen to receive instruction. They hardened their faces more than stone and they have not chosen to return to God

4And I said: because they are poor, they have gone astray, because they have not known the way of LORD JEHOVAH and the justice of their God

5I shall go for myself to the Princes, and I shall speak with them, because they have known the way of LORD JEHOVAH, and the judgment of their God. Truly all of them as one have broken the yoke and they have cut the shackles

6Because of this, a lion from a forest shall crush them and evening wolves shall tear them apart. A leopard shall lay wait over their cities. Everyone who goes out of them shall be torn apart, because their crimes have increased and they are hardened that they will not return to God

7Why should I forgive you? Your children have left you and they have sworn vows by those that are not gods, and I fed them and they committed adultery, and they fought in the house of whores

8As strong horses they have been lusting, each man, for the wife of his neighbor; they were neighing!

9For these things shall I not adjudge, says LORD JEHOVAH, and with a people that is so, will not my soul be avenged?

10Come up on her walls and pull them down, and you shall not make an end. Leave her foundations, because they are of LORD JEHOVAH

11Because the children of Israel and the children of Yehuda lied to me, says LORD JEHOVAH

12They lied to LORD JEHOVAH and they were saying: ‘surely no evil will come upon us, and we shall not see sword or famine’

13The Prophets shall be for the whirlwind, and thus it shall be done to them who do not have the word”

14Because of this, thus says LORD JEHOVAH God of Hosts: “Because you have spoken this word, behold I put my word in your mouth as a fire, and this people is wood, and it shall devour them

15Behold, I bring upon you, house of Israel, people from afar off, says LORD JEHOVAH. The people is strong, the people is that from ancient time, the people whose language you will not know, and you will not hear a thing that it speaks

16Its throat is as a opened tomb, and all of them are mighty men

17It will eat your harvest and your bread and it will eat your sons and your daughters; it will eat your sheep and your oxen, it will eat your vines and your figs; it shall impoverish by the sword the cities of your strength on which you trust

18Also in those days, says LORD JEHOVAH, I shall not destroy you 19And it shall be when you will say: “Why has LORD JEHOVAH our God done all these things to us?, you shall say to them: “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, “Because you have abandoned me and you have served foreign gods in your land, so you shall serve foreigners in a land that not is yours”

20Show this in the house of Yaqob, and make it heard in Yehuda, and say

21“Hear this, foolish people, that has no heart in it, who have eyes and they do not see, and they have ears and they are not hearing

22Shall you not be afraid of me, says LORD JEHOVAH, and shall you not tremble before me? For I have put the sand borders for the sea, a law to eternity, and it does not cross it, and it rages and cannot, and the waves are lifted up and they do not cross it

23And this people has a rebellious and contentious heart; they have gone astray and they have departed

24And they have not said in their heart: "We shall worship LORD JEHOVAH our God, who gives rain early and late in its time and the produce of summer he keeps for us for the winter"

25Your crimes have turned these things against you, and your sins have restrained good from you

26Because sinners are found in my nation, and they set snares like hedges, that the children of men may be captured by them

27And like a bird cage that is full of birds, so their households are filled with deceit

28Because of this, they increased and they were rich and they passed judgment; they have not judged by justice, and the case of orphans they have not set right, and the case of the afflicted they have not judged

29Because of these things, shall I not visit, says LORD JEHOVAH, and against a people that is so, shall not my soul be avenged?

30A trance and insanity was in the land

31The Prophets prophesied falsehood and the Priests held their hands, and my people loves it so, and what will you do at the end?

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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