Jonah 3
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1And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was on Yonan a second time saying: 2Arise, go to Nineva the great city and preach upon it the preaching that I say to you 3And Yonan stood and he went on to Nineva, according to the word of LORD JEHOVAH, and Nineva the city was great to God, a three days’ journey 4And Yonan began to enter Nineva, a journey of one day, and he preached and said: ”From now to forty days, Nineva is overthrown!”

5And the people of Nineva believed in God and they cut a fast and they put on sackcloth, from their Princes and unto their little ones 6And the word arrived to the King of Nineva, and he arose from his throne and he removed his crown from himself and he wore sackcloth and sat down on ashes 7And he proclaimed and said to the Ninevites from the commandment of the King and of his Princes: ”Children of man and beasts and oxen and flocks shall not taste a thing and they shall not feed, neither shall they drink water 8But they shall be covered in sackcloth, children of man and beast, and they shall call God in groaning and a man shall turn from his way of evil and from the plunder that is in his hands 9Who knows if God turns and shows mercy upon us and turns from us the heat of his wrath that we will not be destroyed!

10And God saw their works, that they repented from their evil ways, and he turned the heat of his wrath from them, and he did not destroy them

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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