Joshua 18
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1And all of the assembly of the children of Israel were gathered to Shiloh and they pitched the Time Tabernacle there, and the land had been subjugated before them

2And there were seven tribes of the children of Israel left that had not divided their inheritance 3And Yeshua said to the children of Israel: “How long will you be slack to enter to inherit the land that LORD JEHOVAH God of your fathers gave to you? 4Choose for you three men from each tribe and I shall send them and they shall stand and they shall walk in the land and they shall map it corresponding to their inheritance and they shall come to me 5And they shall divide the land into seven divisions and Yehuda shall stand on its border from the south and that of the house of Yoseph will stand on their borders from the north 6And you shall map the land into seven divisions and bring it to me here and I shall show you the portion that is chosen before LORD JEHOVAH our God 7Because there is not a division for the Levites among you, for its priesthood is of LORD JEHOVAH, their inheritance. Gad and Rubil and half a tribe of Menasheh have taken their inheritance at the crossing of Jordan from the east that Moshe, the Servant of LORD JEHOVAH, gave to them

8And the men arose and they went and Yeshua commanded those that went to map the land and he said to them: “Go walk in the land and map it and come to me here, and I shall cast lots for you before LORD JEHOVAH in Shiloh” 9And the men went and they crossed in the land and they mapped the cities in seven divisions on a scroll, and they came to Yeshua, to the city Shiloh 10And he cast lots for them in Shiloh before LORD JEHOVAH, and Yeshua divided there the land into divisions for the children of Israel

11And the lot of the tribe of the children of Benjamin came up for their families, and the border of their inheritance went out between the children of Yehuda and the children of Yoseph 12And their border was for the side of the north from the Jordan and the border went up to the side of Yerikho of the north and went up into the mountain to the west and its limits were to the wilderness of Bayth Awan 13And the border to Luz passed from there on the side of Luz at the south, this is Bayth Eil; and the border came down to Atruth Edar on the Mountain that is at the south of Bayth Khuran the lower 14And the border faced the side of the sea from the south of the Mountain that faces Bayth Khuran in the south, and its limits were on Quryath Baal, which is Quryath Nahrayn, the city of the children of Yehuda; this is the side of the sea 15And the side of the south from the end of Quryath Nahrayn, and the border to the sea went out, and it went out into the Spring of waters of Naphtali 16And the border came down to the end of the mountain before the face of the Valley of the Son of Hannum that is from the north, and came down the border of the Son of Hannum which is in the Deep Valley of the Giants that is at the north, and went down the border of the Son of Hannum to the side of the Yebusites at the south, and it went down to Eyn Dugel 17And it faces from the north and it goes to Mabu Shemsha –”The Spring of the Sun” and it goes to Galilee which is next to the ascent of Ramin and went down to Leban and to Bahan, the Son of Rubil 18And it passed on the side next to the valleys from the north and came down to the plain 19And the border passed on the side of Bayth Khagla from the north and the limits of the borders were on the Isthmus of the Sea of Salt from the north and upon the banks of the Jordan from the south; this is the border of the south 20And of the Jordan at its border to the side of the East. This is the inheritance of the children of Benjamin at its border, like a circle, for their families

21And the cities of the tribe of the children of Benjamin for their families were Yerikho and Zebith and Khagla and Emaq and Qatsets 22And Bayth Araba and Tsamaraim and Bayth Eil 23And Aween and Pera and Uphra 24And KapharOumqa and Aphli and Gaba fourteen cities and their fields 25And Gebuun and Ramtha and Baruth 26And Matspaya and Kaphira and Metsa 27And Reqem and Raphael and Tarala 28And Tsala and Gebira and Yebus, which is Jerusalem, and Gebath and Quryathim fourteen cities and their fields. This is the inheritance of the tribe of the children of Benjamin for their families

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