Lamentations 1
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1Aleph Just as the city sat alone, she was great among the nations! She was like a widow; she was great among the nations. The Head of cities was paying taxes!

2Beth She weeps in the night and her tears run down on her cheeks and there is no comforter for her from all her lovers. All her lovers have been false to her and have become her enemies

3Gimel Yehuda is made captive from bondage and from much slavery. She dwelt among the nations and she has not found rest for herself. All her pursuers overtook her in the place of suffering

4Daleth The ways of Zion are in mourning for lack of those coming to the feast. All her gates are deserted, and her Priests groan, and her virgins are humiliated, and she has made herself bitter

5He They have been her oppressors, for the Ruler and her enemies have been quiet, because LORD JEHOVAH humbled her, because of the multitude of her sins, and her children went into captivity in front of the oppressor

6Waw And all her Nobles went out from the daughter of Zion. The Rulers were like stags and they found no pasture, and they went without power before the persecutor

7Zayin Jerusalem has remembered the days of her oppression and her chastisement, and all her pleasant things from the first days when her people fell into the hand of the oppressor, and there was no helper for her. Her oppressors saw her and they laughed at her ruin

8Kheth Jerusalem has sinned a sin, because of this she has become an abomination. All who honored her despise her, because they saw her nakedness; also she has groaned and she has turned her back

9Teth Her defilement is in her skirts, and she did not remember her end, and her glory has come down and there was no comforter for her. See, LORD JEHOVAH, my oppression, for the enemy is exalted

10Yodh The oppressor spread his hands over all her pleasures, and she saw the Gentiles who entered your sanctuary, whom you have commanded that they shall not enter your assembly

11Kaph All the people groan and seek bread. They have given their desirable things for food to restore the soul. See, LORD JEHOVAH, and look, for I have been despised!

12Lamed Is it nothing to all you passersby on the street? Be wise and see if there is pain as my pain that LORD JEHOVAH made for me, and LORD JEHOVAH humiliated me in the day of the heat of his wrath

13Mem From the high place he sent fire into my bones, and he brought me down. He spread a net for my feet and he turned me backward and gave me to the sword, and every day I am wretched

14Nun My sins have awakened against me and by its hands its yokes are bound on my neck, and my power became weak, and LORD JEHOVAH has delivered me into the hands of him whose power I cannot match

15Samekh LORD JEHOVAH has subdued all my mighty ones within me. He has called against me a feast day to destroy my young men. LORD JEHOVAH has trodden the winepress the virgin daughter of Yehuda

16Ayin For these things I weep and my eyes run down with waters because the Comforter restoring my soul is far from me. My children have become sycamores, because the enemy has prevailed

17Pe Zion has stretched out her hands and there is no comforter for her. LORD JEHOVAH has commanded against Yaqob and his oppressors around him. Jerusalem has become an abomination in their midst

18Tsadhe Righteous is LORD JEHOVAH against whom I have rebelled. Hear, all you nations, and see my sorrow! My virgins and my young men have gone into captivity!

19Qoph I cried to my friends and they betrayed me, and my Elders within have come to an end, for they searched food for themselves to restore their soul, and they did not find

20Resh See, LORD JEHOVAH, that I have lost heart myself and my bowels are troubled! My heart is cast down within me, for I have rebelled to rebel. The sword from outside has destroyed and death killed those in the house

21Shin Hear that I am groaning and there is no comforter for me. All my enemies have heard my misery and they rejoiced in what you have done to me. Bring the day that you called and they shall be like me

22Tau Bring in all their evil before you strike them, just as you struck me for all my sins, because my groanings are many, and my heart is wretched!

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