Psalm 19
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Heaven makes heard the glory of God and the firmament shows the work of his hands.

2Day unto day pours forth speech; night unto night shows knowledge.

3There is no speech nor words whose voice will not be heard.

4Their Gospel went forth into all the Earth, and their words into the end of the world; in them he pitched his tabernacle for the sun.

5And he is like a bridegroom who goes forth from the place of the bridal bed; he will leap for joy like a mighty man to run his course.

6And from the ends of the Heavens he brings him out and makes him recline upon the ends of the Heavens, and nothing is hidden from his heat.

7The law of LORD JEHOVAH is without blemish and converts the soul; the testimony of LORD JEHOVAH is trustworthy and makes infants wise.

8The commandments of LORD JEHOVAH are right and give joy to the heart; the commandment of LORD JEHOVAH is precious and makes the eyes shine.

9The awe of LORD JEHOVAH is pure and stands to eternity; the judgments of LORD JEHOVAH are in truth and are just in everything.

10They are more desirable than gold and precious stones, and are sweeter than honey and the honeycomb.

11Also your Servant will be warned by them; if he keeps them, he will be greatly rewarded.

12Who understands offenses? Acquit me from secret sins.

13Also spare your Servant from evil, lest the evil ones have dominion over me; then I shall be purged from my sins.

14Let the words of my mouth be for your pleasure, and the meditation of my heart before you, LORD JEHOVAH, my helper and my Savior.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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