Psalm 32
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1Blessed is he whose evil is forgiven him and his sins have been covered for him.

2Blessed is the son of man whose sin LORD JEHOVAH will not account to him, and there is no deceit in his heart.

3Because you have been silent, my bones are worn out, while I have been roaring all day.

4Because night and day your hand has been heavy against me, and pain returned into my chest to kill me.

5I confessed my sins to you and my crimes I have not hidden from you; I have said, "I shall confess to LORD JEHOVAH concerning my crimes”, and you forgave me all my sins.

6Because of this, everyone whom you choose will pray to you in the acceptable time, but there will be a flood of many waters and they will not come near him.

7You are my hiding place and you will protect me from my enemies; praise and salvation will surround me.

8For I shall teach you; I shall make known to you the way in which to go and I shall set my eyes upon you.

9You shall not be like a horse or like a mule which are not wise, which are tamed with a bit from their youth, and they do not go near it.

10Many are the afflictions of the evil one, and grace will surround him who hopes in LORD JEHOVAH.

11Rejoice, righteous ones, and be delighted in LORD JEHOVAH, and praise him, all the upright in heart.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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