Psalm 40
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1Hoping, I have hoped in LORD JEHOVAH, for he turned toward me and he heard my prayer.

2And he brought me up from the pit of misery and from the mire of destruction; he set my feet upon a rock and he has made my ways ready.

3He gave a new song by my mouth: glory to God! For many will see and will rejoice, and they will hope in LORD JEHOVAH.

4Blessed is the son of man who trusts upon The Name of LORD JEHOVAH, and has not returned to futility, neither to lying speech.

5Many are the wonders that you have done, LORD JEHOVAH, our God, and your thoughts concerning us, and there is none like you; I have shown and I have said, "They are beyond computation"!

6With sacrifices and with offerings you have not been pleased, but you have pierced the ears for me; burnt peace offerings for sin you have not requested.

7Then I said, " Behold, I have come, for in the first of The Writings it is written about me:"

8To do your pleasure oh, God, I have desired, and your Law is within my belly.

9I have preached your righteousness in the great congregation and I have not restrained my lips, LORD JEHOVAH, you do know.

10For I have not hidden your righteousness within my heart but I have told your salvation and your faithfulness, and I have not hidden your kindness and your faithfulness from the great congregation.

11And you, LORD JEHOVAH, do not you restrain from me your mercies, but let your mercies and your faithfulness keep me at all times.

12Because evils without number surround me, and my sins have overtaken me and I was not able to see, and they have increased more than the hairs of my head, and my heart has forsaken me.

13Be pleased, LORD JEHOVAH, to deliver me; oh, LORD JEHOVAH, stay to help me.

14They shall be ashamed and put to shame, those who seek to kill my soul; they shall turn their behind and they shall be put to shame, those who seek my affliction!

15Let them be ashamed of their shame repeatedly, those who have said against me, "Aha, aha!"

16All who seek you will rejoice in you and those who love your salvation will say always, "Great is LORD JEHOVAH!"

17And I am poor and afflicted, my Lord; they have plotted against me; You are my helper and my deliver; my God, do not delay!" Ps

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