Psalm 73
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1God is good to Israel and to those in a natural state of heart.

2And I had almost declined with my feet and my steps would have been outcast as nothing!

3Because I envied the evil when I saw that the wicked had peace.

4Because there is no expectation of their death and their madness is great.

5They are not in the toil of men neither are they taken aside with the sons of men.

6Because of this, contempt has seized them and their evil is covered and their wickedness.

7And their evil comes through like grease and they have done according to the thought of the heart.

8They have conceived and have spoken evil and oppression; they have spoken against The Highest.

9They set their mouths in the sky and their tongue walks in the dirt.

10Therefore my people will return here and they will find for themselves abundantly.

11And they will say, "How does God know?", and "Is there knowledge in The Highest?"

12Behold, these wicked ones are prosperous in the world and are strong in power.

13And I alone have purified my heart and have washed my hands in purity.

14I have had the plague all day and my reproof in the morning.

15If I said, "I shall do as they”,

16It is evil in my eyes.

17Until I would enter the holy place of God and would discern their end:

18You will appoint for them according to their foolishness and you will cast them down when they are exalted.

19How suddenly they have ended in insensibility and they are finished by tumult!

20It is like waking up when seeing a dream; LORD JEHOVAH, at cock crow you will despise their image.

21And I am troubled; my heart and my kidneys rage against me.

22And I have been simple and ignorant and I have been a beast with you.

23Comfort me in your counsel and lead me after your honor.

24Whom do I have in Heaven with you and whom have I desired in the Earth? For you have held my right hand.

25My heart and my flesh fail; the strength of my heart and my portion is in God for eternity.

26For behold, your distant ones shall be destroyed and you shall destroy all who go astray from you for eternity.

27I have desired to draw near to God; your Name is good to me, LORD JEHOVAH, my trust, that I may tell all your wonders.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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