1 Chronicles 27
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Military Divisions

1The Israelis, according to the number of the leaders of their families, the officers of groups of thousands and groups of hundreds, and their leaders who served the king on behalf of the army divisions of 24,000 soldiers on duty month by month throughout the year, consisted of the following.

2Zabdiel’s son Jashobeam was responsiblea for the first division of 24,000 soldiersb for the first month. 3A descendant of Perez, he was chief of all the commanders of the army for the first month.

4Dodai the Ahohite was responsible for the division of the second month. Mikloth served as chief officerc of his division, consisting of 24,000 soldiers.

5Jehoiada’s son Benaiah the priest was commander of the third division for the third month, consisting of 24,000 soldiers. 6This was the same Benaiah who was one of the elite men of the Thirty and in command of the Thirty. His son Ammizabad was responsible for his division.

7Joab’s brother Asahel was fourth for the fourth month, assistedd by his son Zebadiah, with 24,000 soldiers in his division.

8The fifth commander for the fifth month was Shamhuth the Izrahite. His division consisted of 24,000 soldiers.

9Ikkesh’s son Ira from Tekoa was sixth for the sixth month; there were 24,000 soldiers in his division.

10Helez the Pelonite, an Ephraimite, was seventh for the seventh month; 24,000 soldiers served in his division.

11Sibbecai the Hushathite, a Zerahite, was eighth for the eighth month; 24,000 soldiers served in his division.

12Abiezer from Anathoth, a descendant of Benjamin, was ninth for the ninth month; 24,000 soldiers served in his division.

13Mahari from Netophah, a Zerahite, was tenth for the tenth month; 24,000 soldiers served in his division.

14Benaiah from Pirathon, an Ephraimite, was eleventh for the eleventh month; 24,000 soldiers served in his division.

15Heldai the Netophathite, from Othniel, was twelfth for the twelfth month; 24,000 soldiers served in his division.

Tribal Leaders

16Wielding the scepters of Israel for the descendants of Reuben, there wase Zichri’s son Eliezer as chief officer;f for the descendants of Simeon there was Maacah’s son Shephatiah; 17for Levi there was Kemuel’s son Hashabiah; for Aaron there was Zadok; 18for Judah there was Elihu, one of David’s brothers; for Issachar there was Michael’s son Omri; 19for Zebulun there was Obadiah’s son Ishmaiah; for Naphtali, there was Azriel’s son Jerimoth; 20for the descendants of Ephraim, there was Azaziah’s son Hoshea; for the half-tribe of Manasseh, there was Pedaiah’s son Joel; 21for the half-tribe of Manasseh in Gilead, there was Zechariah’s son Iddo; for Benjamin, there was Abner’s son Jaasiel; 22for Dan, there was Jeroham’s son Azarel. These were the leaders of the tribes of Israel.

23David did not complete a census of those younger than 20 years of age, since the LORD had said he would make Israel as numerous as the stars of heaven. 24Zeruiah’s son Joab began the census, but never completed it. Nevertheless, God became angry with Israel because of this, so the number was never entered into the official records of the Annals of King David.g

Civic Leaders

25Adiel’s son Azmaveth was responsible for the king’s treasuries. Uzziah’s son Jonathan was in charge of treasuries located in the country, in cities, in villages, and in towers. 26Chelub’s son Ezri supervised the field workers who tilled the soil. 27Shimei the Ramathite supervised the vineyards. In charge over the produce of the vineyards for the wine cellars was Zabdi the Shiphmite. 28Baal-hanan the Gederite supervised the olive and sycamoreh trees in the Shephelah.i Joash supervised the oil reserves. 29Shitrai the Sharonite supervised the herds that were pastured in Sharon. Adlai’s son Shaphat supervised the herds in the valleys. 30Obil the Ishmaelite supervised the camels. Jehdeiah the Meronothite supervised the donkeys. Jaziz the Hagrite supervised the flocks. 31All of these served as stewards over King David’s property.

32David’s uncle Jonathan was a counselor, since he was a man of understanding and a scribe, and Hachmoni’s son Jehiel was an attendant to the king’s sons. 33Ahithophel served as an advisor to the king, Hushai the Archite was the king’s trusted associate, 34and under Ahithophel there was Benaiah’s son Jehoiada and Abiathar. Joab served as commander of the king’s army.

a 27:2 Lit. over; and so throughout the chapter
b 27:2 The Heb. lacks soldiers; and so throughout the chapter
c 27:4 Lit. Nagid; i.e. a senior officer entrusted with dual roles of operational oversight and administrative authority
d 27:7 Or followed
e 27:16 The Heb. lacks there was; and so throughout the chapter
f 27:16 Lit. Nagid; i.e. a senior officer entrusted with dual roles of operational oversight and administrative authority
g 27:24 An ancient chronicle of Israel, apparently now lost
h 27:28 The sycamore fruit tree native to Israel bears figs
i 27:28 i.e. the verdant central lowlands of Israel; cf. Josh 10:40

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