2 Chronicles 2
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Solomon Enlists King Hiram’s Help to Build the Temple

(1 Kings 5:1-18)

1a Now Solomon was determinedb to build a temple dedicated to the Name of the LORD as well as his own royal palace. 2c So Solomon conscripted 70,000 men to do heavy work, 80,000 men to quarry in the hill country, and 3,600 to supervise them. 3Solomon also sent this message to King Hiramd of Tyre:

“Just as you did with my father David, sending him cedars to build him a palace to live in, do the same for me. 4Look, I’m building a temple dedicated to the name of the LORD my God, to his glory, so we can burn fragrant incense in his presence, display rows of the bread of his presence continuously, and make burnt offerings in the morning, evening, on Sabbath days,e during New Moon festivals,f and during appointed festivals scheduledg by the LORD our God. This is mandated forever in Israel.

5“The Temple that I’m building will be great, because the greatness of our God surpasses that ofh all gods. 6But who can build a temple for him, since neither heaven nor the highest of the heavens can contain him? So who am I, that I should build a temple to him, except to burn incense in his presence?

7“At any rate, send me an individual who is a skilled craftsman in gold, silver, bronze, and iron, as well as in purple, crimson, and bluei materials,j who knows how to craft engravings, so he may work with the craftsmen whom I have assembled in Judah and Jerusalem, as provided for by my father David. 8Also send me cedar, cypress, and algum timber from Lebanon, since I’m aware that your servants know how to cut down timber from Lebanon. My servants will accompany your servants 9to prepare an abundant amount of timber for me, because the Temple that I’m building is to be great and awesome.

10“Now look! I will pay your servants, the lumberjacks who prepare the timber, 20,000 measuresk of barley, 20,000 bathsl of wine, and 20,000 bathsm of oil.”

Solomon’s Wealth

11In a letter that he sent to Solomon, King Hiram of Tyre wrote,n “Because he loves his people, the LORD has placed you as king over them.” 12Hiram also wrote:

“Blessed be the LORD God of Israel, who made the heavens and the earth. He gave King David a wise son, who is acquainted with discretion and understanding, and who is building a temple to the LORD, as well as a royal palace for himself.

13Now I’m sending along Hiram-abi,o a skilled craftsman, who is very creative.p 14He is the son of a mother from the tribe of Dan, and his father is from Tyre. He’s skilled in working with gold, silver, bronze, iron, stone, and timber, as well as in purple, blue,q linen, and crimson materials.r He is skilled in engravings, and can craft any design to which he may be assigned. He will work with your skilled artisans and with all of your craftsmen who have been assigned by my lord David, your father.

15“So then, may my lord send to his servants the wheat, barley, oil, and wine about which he has spoken. 16We’ll cut down the timber you need from Lebanon and transport it to you on rafts by sea to Joppa, so you can move it to Jerusalem.”

17Solomon took a census of all the non-Israeli mens who lived in the land of Israel, after the census that his father David had taken, and 153,600 were counted. 18He conscripted 70,000 of them to do heavy work, 80,000 to quarry in the hill country, and 3,600 men to supervise the people.

a 2:1 This v. is 1:18 in MT and LXX
b 2:1 Lit. saying
c 2:2 This v. is 2:1 in MT and LXX, and so throughout the chapter
d 2:3 Or Huram, and so throughout the chapter
e 2:4 The Heb. lacks days
f 2:4 The Heb. lacks festivals
g 2:4 The Heb. lacks scheduled
h 2:5 The Heb. lacks surpasses that of
i 2:7 Or violet
j 2:7 The Heb. lacks materials
k 2:10 Lit. homers, about 720,000 bushels or 4,400,000 liters, at six bushels or 220 liters per homer
l 2:10 i.e. about 720,000 gallons or about 440,000 liters, at six gallons or 22 liters per bath
m 2:10 i.e. about 720,000 gallons or about 440,000 liters, at six gallons or 22 liters per bath
n 2:11 Lit. responded to Solomon
o 2:13 Or Huram-abi; the Heb. name means Hiram is my father
p 2:13 Or discerning
q 2:14 Or violet
r 2:14 The Heb. lacks materials
s 2:17 Lit. aliens

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