2 John 1
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1From:a The Elder

To: The chosen lady and her children, whom I genuinely love, and not only I but also all who know the truth, 2that is present in us and will be with us forever.

3Grace, mercy, and peace will be with us from God the Father and from Jesusb the Messiah,c the Father’s Son, in truth and love.

Living in the Truth

4I was overjoyed to find some of yourd children living truthfully, just as the Father has commanded us. 5Dear lady, I am now requesting of youe that we all continue to love one another. It is not as though I am writing to give youf a new commandment, but one that we have had from the beginning. 6And this is what demonstratesg love: that we live according to God’sh commandments. Just as youi have heard from the beginning what he commanded, youj must live by it.

Reject False Teachers

7For many deceivers have gone out into the world. They refuse to acknowledge Jesus the Messiahk as having become human. Any such person is a deceiver and an antichrist. 8Seel to it that youm don’t destroy what we haven worked for, but that youo receive yourp full reward. 9Everyone who does not remain true to the teaching of the Messiah,q but goes beyond it, does not have God. The person who remains true to the teaching of the Messiahr has both the Father and the Son. 10If anyone comes to yous but does not present his teachings,t do not receiveu him into your house or even welcomev him, 11because the one who welcomes him shares in his evil deeds.

Final Greeting

12Although I have a great deal to write to you,w I would prefer not to use paper and ink. Instead, I hope to come to you and talk face to face, so that our joy may be complete. 13The children of yourx chosen sister greet you.y

Greetings from John

a 1 The Gk. lacks From
b 3 Other mss. read the Lord Jesus
c 3 Or Christ
d 4 Lit. your (sing.)
e 5 Lit. you (sing.)
f 5 Lit. you (sing.)
g 6 The Gk. lacks what demonstrates
h 6 Lit. his
i 6 Lit. you (pl.)
j 6 Lit. you (pl.)
k 7 Or Christ
l 8 The Gk. verb is pl.
m 8 Lit. you (pl.)
n 8 Other mss. read you have
o 8 Lit. you (pl.)
p 8 Lit. your (pl.)
q 9 Or Christ
r 9 Or Christ
s 10 Lit. you (pl.)
t 10 Lit. this teaching
u 10 The Gk. verb is pl.
v 10 The Gk. verb is pl.
w 12 Lit. you (pl.)
x 13 Lit. you (sing.)
y 13 Other mss. read you. Amen

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Copyright © 1996-2012 The ISV Foundation

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