Isaiah 12
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Israel’s Praise to the LORD

1At that time,a you will say:

“I will praise you, LORD,

for although you were angry with me,

your anger has turned away,

and you have comforted me.

2“Look! God—yes God—isb my salvation;

I will trust, and not be afraid.

For the LORDc is my strength and my song,d

and he has become my salvation.”

3You will draw water joyfully from the wells of salvation. And you will say at that time:e

4“Give thanks to the LORD;

call on his name.

Make known his actions

among the nations.

Proclaim that his name is exalted.

5“Sing praises to the LORD,f

because he has acted gloriously,

being madeg known in all the world.

6Shout aloud, and sing for joy,

you who live in Zion,

because great in your midst

is the Holy One of Israel.”

a 12:1 Lit. day
b 12:2 So 1QIsaa; MT reads Look! God is; LXX reads Look! The LORD is the God of
c 12:2 So 1QIsaa MTmss LXX; MT reads Lord GOD
d 12:2 So 1QIsaa MTmss LXX; MT reads a song
e 12:3 Lit. say in that day
f 12:5 So 1QIsaa; MT reads to the LORD; LXX reads to the name of the LORD
g 12:5 So Isaa MTqere Syr Targ; the Heb. lacks made

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