Isaiah 20
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The Conquest of Egypt and Cush

1In the year that the supreme commander, sent by Sargon the king of Assyria, came to Ashdod, attacked it, and captured it— 2at that time the LORD spoke through Amoz’s son Isaiah: “Go loosen the sackcloth that’s around your waist,a and take your sandalsb off your feet.” So that’s what he did: he went around naked and barefoot.

3Then the LORD said, “Just as my servant Isaiah has walked around naked and barefoot for three years as a sign and a warning for Egypt and Ethiopia,c 4so the king of Assyria will lead away the Egyptian captives and exiles from Cush,d both the young and the old, naked and barefoot—with even their buttocks uncovered—to the shamee of Egypt. 5Then they will be dismayed and put to shame because of Cush,f their hope, and Egypt, their jewel.g 6At that time, the inhabitants of this coastland will say, ‘See, this is what has happened to those on whom we counted and reliedh for help and deliverance from the king of Assyria! How, then, can we escape?’”

a 20:2 Lit. your hips and lower back
b 20:2 So 1QIsaa LXX; MT reads sandal
c 20:3 i.e. Nubia, south of Egypt (modern northern Sudan)
d 20:4 i.e. Nubia, south of Egypt (modern northern Sudan)
e 20:4 Or nakedness
f 20:5 i.e. Nubia, south of Egypt (modern northern Sudan)
g 20:5 Or pride
h 20:6 So 1QIsaa; MT LXX read and to whom we fled

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