Job 12
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Job Responds to Zophar

1In response Job replied:

2“Truly, you are the people

and wisdom will die with you!

3Like you, I also have understanding.a

I’m not inferior to you;

who doesn’t know thingsb like this?”

Job Has Become a Laughingstock

4“I’m a laughingstock to my friends,

someonec who called on God.

But then he answered this upright and blameless man,

and I have becomed a laughingstock.

5The carefree are thinking, ‘I have contempt for misfortune,’

Those who are about to stumble deserve it.

6The tents of robbers are at rest,

and those who provoke God are secure,

that is, those who carry their god in their pocket.e

Wisdom Can Be Found in God’s Creation

7“Ask the wild animals, and they’ll teach you;

the birds of the sky will tell you.

8Or ask the green plants of the earth and they’ll teach you;

let the fish in the sea tell you.

9Who among all of these doesn’t know

that the LORD’s hand made them,f

10and that the life of every living thingg rests in his control,

along with the breath of every living human being?

11The ear scrutinizes speech

just as the palate tastes food.”

God is the All-Wise and All-Powerful Creator

12“Wisdom may be found in the company of the aged.

Understanding comesh with longevity.

13With Godi is wisdom and strength;

counsel and understanding belongs to him.

14When he tears down, nobody rebuilds;

whenj he incarcerates, nobody escapes.

15When he withholds water, riversk dry up;

when he lets them loose, they’ll floodl the land.

16“With Godm are strength and sound wisdom;

both the deceived and those who deceive are responsible to him.n

17He leads counselors away naked;

he turns judges into fools.

18He strips away the authority of kings to punish

and puts them in prison clothes instead.

19He leads away the priests naked

and overthrows the ruling class.o

20He keeps reliable advisors from speaking,p

and removes discernment from elders.

21He pours contempt on nobles

and embarrassesq the mighty.

22He uncovers the hidden dimensions from darkness,

bringing what is in deep shadow to light.

23He makes nations great, and then destroys them;

he enlarges nations, but then sends them away to captivity.r

24He withdraws understandings from national leaders of the world,t

causing them to wander through unchartedu wilderness.

25They grope in the dark without light;

he causes them to stagger around like a drunkard.”

a 12:3 Lit. my heart is like yours
b 12:3 The Heb. lacks things
c 12:4 The Heb. lacks someone
d 12:4 The Heb. lacks have become
e 12:6 Lit. hand
f 12:9 Lit. this
g 12:10 Lit. all the living
h 12:12 The Heb. lacks comes
i 12:13 Lit. him
j 12:14 Lit. man
k 12:15 Lit. they
l 12:15 Lit. overthrow
m 12:16 Lit. him
n 12:16 Or are his
o 12:19 Lit. strong ones
p 12:20 Lit. deprives the lips of advisors
q 12:21 Lit. and loosens the belt of
r 12:23 The Heb. lacks to captivity
s 12:24 Lit. heart
t 12:24 Or land
u 12:24 Or trackless

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Copyright © 1996-2012 The ISV Foundation

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