Job 4
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Eliphaz: the Innocent Don’t Suffer

1In reply, Eliphaz from Teman answered:

2“Will you get offended if somebody tries to talk to you?

Who can keep from speaking at a time like this?a

3Look! You’ve admonished many people,b

and you’ve strengthened feeble hands.

4A word from you has supported those who have stumbled,

and has strengthened faltering knees.

5“But now it’s your turn,

and you’re the one who is worn out!c

Now it’s striking you,

and you’re dismayed!

6“Your fear of God has been your confidence, hasn’t it?

The integrity of your life has been your hope, hasn’t it?

7Now please think:

Who has ever perished when they’re innocent?

Where have the upright been destroyed?

8It’s been my experience that those who plow the soil ofd iniquity

and those who sow the seed ofe trouble will reap their harvest!f

9They perish by the breath of God;

they are consumed by the storm that isg his anger.h

10“The lioness may roar,

and the lion cub may growl;

but even the ivory teeth of the full grown lion are broken.

11Full grown lions die when they cannot find prey;

that’s when the lion cubs are scattered.

12“A message was confidedi to me;

my ear caught a whisper of it.

13Disquieting thoughts from dreams at night;

when deep sleep falls on everyone.j

14A fear fell upon me, along with trembling

that caused all my bones to shake in terror.k

15A spirit glided past me

and made the hair on my skinl to bristle.

16It remained standing,

but I couldn’t recognize its appearance.

A form appeared before my eyes;

At first there wasm silence, and then this voice:

17‘Can a mortal personn be more righteous than God?

Or can the purity of the valiant exceed that of his maker?’o

18“Indeed, since he doesn’t trust his servants,p

since he chargesq his angels with error,

19how much less confidencer does he have

in those who dwell in houses of clay;

who were formed from a foundation in dust

and can perishs like a moth?

20They are defeated between morning and evening;

they perish forever—and no one notices!

21Their wealtht perishes with them, doesn’t it?

They die, and do so without having wisdom, don’t they?”

a 4:3 The Heb. lacks at a time like this
b 4:3 The Heb. lacks people
c 4:5 Or impatient
d 4:8 The Heb. lacks the soil of
e 4:8 The Heb. lacks the seed of
f 4:8 The Heb. lacks their harvest
g 4:9 Or the breath of
h 4:9 Or anger
i 4:12 Or was delivered in secret
j 4:13 Lit. men
k 4:14 Or dread
l 4:15 Lit. flesh
m 4:16 The Heb. lacks At first there was
n 4:17 Lit. a man
o 4:17 The quotation possibly continues through v 21.
p 4:18 Cf. Job 15:15
q 4:18 Or lay upon
r 4:19 The Heb. lacks confidence
s 4:19 Lit. can crush them
t 4:21 Or remnants, left over

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Copyright © 1996-2012 The ISV Foundation

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