Job 6
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Job’s Suffering is Grave

1In rebuttal, Job replied:

2“If only my grief could be weighed;

or my calamity piled together on a balance scale!

3It would weigh more than the sand on the seashore!a

Here’s why I’ve talked so rashly:

4“The arrows of the Almighty have pierced me;

my spirit absorbsb their poison;c

God’s terrors have been arranged just for me!

5“Will the wild donkey bray from hungerd if fresh grass is beside him?

Will the ox low from distresse if it is near its feed?

6Tasteless food isn’t eaten without salt, is it?

Is there any taste in an egg white?

7I cannot bring myself to touch them;f

food like this makes me sick.”

Job Desires Death

8“Who will grant my wish?g

I wish God would grant what I’m hoping for:

9that God would just be willingh to crush me;

that he would let loosei and eliminate me!

10At least I could still take comfort

and rejoice in unceasing anguish,

for I didn’t conceal what the Holy One has to say.

11“Do I have the strength to wait?

And whyj should I be patient?

12Am I as strong as a rock?

Am I some kind of iron man?k

13There is no help within me, is there?

My resources have been driven away from me, haven’t they?

Job Accuses His Friends of Treachery

14The friend shows gracious love for his friend,

even if he has forsaken the fear of the Almighty.

15But my brothers have acted treacherously like a cascading river,

like torrential rivers that overflow.

16Filled with waters made coldl by ice,

they are where the snow goes to hide.

17But then the snow melts, and they disappear;

when warmed, they evaporate from their stream beds.m

18Travelers divertn in their route;

they go into a wasteland and die.

19Travelers from Tema search intently;

caravans from Sheba hope to find them.

20For all their expectations, they are doomed to disappointment;

even though they have come and searched this far.

21“And now you’re all just like them, aren’t you?o

You see my terror and are terrified.

22When did I ever ask you for anything,

say ‘Offer a bribe for me from your wealth?’

23or say ‘Deliver me from my enemy’s control,’p

or ‘Redeem me from the dominationq of ruthless people’?”

Job Requests Mercy from His Friends

24“Instruct me, and I’ll remain silent.

Help me understand where I’ve gone astray.

25The truthr can be painful,

but what has your argument proven?

26Did you intend your words to reprove,

even though the speech of a desperate person is just wind?

27Indeed, you would gamble to buy an orphan;

and barter to buy your friend!

28Now be willing to face me,

and I won’t lie to your face.

29Repent! Let there be no injustice;

Change your ways!s My vindicationt is at stake.

30Have I said anything that’s unjust?

I can discernu evil, can’t I?”

a 6:3 Lit. sea
b 6:4 Lit. drinks
c 6:4 Lit. heat
d 6:5 The Heb. lacks from hunger
e 6:5 The Heb. lacks from distress
f 6:7 The Heb. lacks them
g 6:8 Or Oh, that I might have my request;
h 6:9 Lit. pleased
i 6:9 Lit. loose his hand
j 6:11 Lit. And to what end
k 6:12 Lit. Is my flesh bronze?
l 6:16 Lit. dark
m 6:17 Lit. their place
n 6:18 Lit. twist
o 6:21 Lit. it
p 6:23 Lit. hand
q 6:23 Lit. hand
r 6:25 Lit. Upright words
s 6:29 The Heb. lacks your ways
t 6:29 Or righteousness
u 6:30 Lit. taste

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Copyright © 1996-2012 The ISV Foundation

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