Proverbs 9
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Wisdom’s Invitation

1Wisdoma has built her house;

she has hewn out her seven pillars.

2She has prepared her food,b

she has spicedc her wine,

and she also has set her dining table.

3She has sent out her young women,

while calling out from the heights of the city,

4“Let whoever is naïve, turn in here.”

To anyone lacking sense, she says,

5“Come! Eat my food,

and drink the wine that I have mixed.

6Leave your naïve ways, and live.

Walk in the path of understanding.”

Wisdom Extends Life

7Whoever corrects a mocker invites only insult,d

and whoever rebukes the wicked will himself become stained.

8Don’t rebuke a mocker or he will hate you.

Rebuke a wise person, and he will love you.

9Counsel a wise man,

and he will be wiser still;

teach a righteous man,

and he will add to his learning.

10The fear of the LORD is where wisdom begins,

and knowing holinesse demonstrates understanding.

11For because of me you will live a long life,

and years will be added to your life.

12If you are wise,

your wisdom will assist you.

If you mock,

you alone will be held responsible.

Folly’s Entrapment

13The foolish woman is loud,

undisciplined, and without knowledge.

14She sits at the entrance of her house,

on a seat high above the city.

15She calls out to those passing by on the road,

who are minding their own business,f

16“Whoever is naïve, turn in here!”

And to anyone lacking sense, she says,

17“Stolen waters are sweet,

and food eaten in secret is delicious.”

18But he does not realize that the dead lurk there,

and her invited guests wind up in the depths of Sheol.g

a 9:1 i.e. wisdom personified as a woman
b 9:2 Or meat
c 9:2 Or mixed
d 9:7 Lit. insult to himself
e 9:10 Or knowing holy ones
f 9:15 Or are going straight on their way
g 9:18 i.e. the realm of the dead

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