Psalm 125
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A Song of Ascents

God is Secure

1Those who are trusting in the LORD

are like Mount Zion, which cannot be overthrown.

They remain forever.

2Just as mountains encircle Jerusalem,

so the LORD encircles his people,

from now to eternity.

3For evil’s scepter will not rest

on the land that has been allotted to the righteous,

and so the righteous will not direct themselvesa to do wrong.

4LORD, do good to those who are good,

and to those who are upright in heart.b

5But for those who choose their own devious paths,

the LORD will lead them away,

along with those who practice evil.

Peace be upon Israel.

a 125:3 Lit. will not set their hands
b 125:4 So LXX DSS 4QPs 11QPs; MT reads in their hearts

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