Psalm 142
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A Davidic Song, when he was in the cave.a A prayer.

A Call to God for Help

1My voice cries out to the LORD;

my voice pleads for mercy to the LORD.

2I pour out my complaint to him,

telling him all of my troubles.

3Though my spirit grows faint within me,

you are aware of my path.

Wherever I go,

they have hidden a trap for me.

4I look to my rightb and observe—

no one is concerned about me.

There is nowhere I can go for refuge,

and no one cares for me.

5So I cry to you, Lord,

declaring, “You are my refuge,

my onlyc possession while I am on this earth.”d

6Pay attention to my cry,

for I have been brought very low.

Deliver me from my tormentors,

for they are far too strong for me.

7Break me out of this prison,

so I can give thanks to your name.

The righteous will surround me,

for you will deal generously with me.

a 142:T cf. 1Sam 24:3-4
b 142:4 So LXX and DSS 11QPs; MT reads Look to the right
c 142:5 The Heb. lacks only
d 142:5 Lit. possession in the land of the living

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