Psalm 57
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To the Director: A special Davidic psalma to the tune ofb “Do Not Destroy,” when he fled from Saul into a cave.

A Prayer for Deliverance

1Have mercy on me, God, have mercy,

for in you Ic have placed my trust.

Even in the shadow of your wings

will I find my refuge until this calamity passes.

2I call upon the God Most High;

to the God who completes what he begand in me.

3He will send help from heaven to deliver me

from those who harass and despise me.


God will send his gracious love and truth.

4I ame surrounded by lions.

I lie down with those who burn with fire—

that is, with people whose teeth are like spears and arrows—

whose tongues are like sharp swords.

5Be exalted above the heavens, God!

May your glory cover the earth!

6They have set a snare for my feet,

which makes mef depressed.

They dug a pit in front of me,

but they are the ones who fell into it!


7My heart is committed, God,

my heart is committed,

so I will sing and play music.

8Wake up, my soul,g

wake up, lyre and harp!

I will awaken at dawn.

9I will exalt you among the peoples, Lord.

I will play music among the nations.

10For your gracious love is great,

extending even to the heavens,

and your truth even to the skies.

11Be exalted above the heavens, God!

May your glory cover the earth!

a 57:T Heb. miktam
b 57:T Lit. David according to
c 57:1 Or my soul
d 57:2 The Heb. lacks what he began
e 57:4 Or My soul is
f 57:6 Lit. my soul
g 57:8 Lit. glory

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