Psalm 79
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A Psalm of Asaph

A Prayer for Jerusalem

1God, nations have invaded your landa

to desecrate your holy Temple,

to destroy Jerusalem,

2to give the corpses of your servants

as food for the birds of the skies

and the flesh of your godly ones

to the beasts of the earth;

3to make their blood flow like water around Jerusalem,

with no one being buried.

4We have become a reproach to our neighbors,

a mockery and a derision to those around us.

5How long, LORD, will you be angry? Forever?

Will your jealousy burn like fire?

6Pour out your wrath upon the nations

that do not acknowledge you,

and over the kingdoms

that do not call on your name.

7For they consumed Jacob,

making his dwelling place desolate.

8Don’t chargeb us for previous iniquity,

but let your compassion come quickly to us,

for we have been brought very low.

9Help us, God, our deliverer,

on account of your glorious name,

deliver us and forgivec our sins

on account of your name.

10Why should the nations say, “Where is their God?”

Let vengeance for the blood of your servants be metedd out

before our eyes and among the nations.

11Let the cries of the prisoners reach you.

With the strength of your power,

release those condemned to death.e

12Pay back our neighbors seven timesf

the reproach with which they reproached you, LORD.

13Then we, your people, the sheep of your pasture,

will praise you always, from generation to generation.

We will declare your praise.

a 79:1 Lit. your possession; or your inheritance
b 79:8 Lit. remember
c 79:10 Lit. cover
d 79:10 Lit. spilled
e 79:11 Lit. the sons of death
f 79:12 Or seven-fold

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