1 Chronicles 7
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1NOW the sons of Issachar were Tola, Puah, Shob, and Shimron, four. 2The sons of Tola: Uzzi, Rephaiah, Joel, Lahmai, Jibsam, and Samuel, heads of their father's house; these were the sons of Tola. They were valiant men of might in their families and their generations, whose number was in the days of David twenty-two thousand and six hundred. 3And the son of Uzzi: Izarhan; and the sons of Izarhan: Malchael, Obadiah, Joel, and Ishoa, four, all of them chief men. 4And with them by their generations, according to their father's house, were valiant men of war, thirty-six thousand men; for they had many wives and sons. 5And their brethren, all the families of Issachar, were valiant men of might, reckoned in all by their genealogy, eighty-seven thousand.

6These are the names of the sons of Benjamin: Bela, Akbar, Ashbel, Gera, Naaman, Ahai, Arosh, Maphai, Hitim, and Adar. 7And the sons of Bela: Ezbon, Uzzi, Uzzaiel, Jermoth, and Azri, five; heads of the house of their fathers, valiant men of valour; and were reckoned by their genealogy, twenty-two-thousand and thirty-four. 8And the sons of Akbar: Zemora, Joash, Eliezer, Elioenai, Omri, Jermoth, Abijah, Anathoth, and Alamoth. All these were the sons of Akbar. 9And their number, according to their genealogy by their generations, heads of the house of their fathers, valiant men, was twenty-two thousand and two hundred. 10And the son of Ashcol: Bilhan; and the sons of Bilhan: Joash, Benjamin, Ehud, Chenanah, Zethan, Tarshish, and Ahishahar. 11All these were the sons of Ashcol, according to the heads of their fathers, mighty men of valour, seventeen thousand and two hundred soldiers, fit to go out in the army for battle; 12Shaphan, also, and Huphis, the sons of Aod, of the children of Hoshah.

13The sons of Naphtali: Jahziel, Guni, Jezer, and Shallum, the sons of Bilhah.

14The sons of Manasseh: Asarchiel, whom his concubine bore him; she also bore Machir the father of Gilead; 15And Machir took to wife the daughter of a prince, whose sister's name was Maachah; and the name of his eldest brother was Zelophehad; and Zelophehad had no sons but daughters. 16And Maachah also the mother of Machir bore a son, and she called his name Peresh; and the name of his brother was Sheresh; 17And the son of Ulam: Rakim, and the son of Rakim, Baran. These were the sons of Gilead, the son of Machir, the son of Manasseh. 18And his sister Maachah bore Ashhor and Abiezer, 19And Shemirah, Elenon, Shem, and Etham.

20And the sons of Ephraim: Shuthelah, Bachar his son, Tahath his son, Eladah his son, and Ahath his son, 21And Zabor his son, Shuthelah his son and Lazar his son, whom the men of Gath who were born in the land slew because they came down to take away their wealth. 22And Ephraim their father mourned many days, and his brethren came to comfort him. 23And he went in to his wife, and she conceived and bore a son, and she called his name Beriah, because misfortune had befallen his house. 24(And her daughter escaped in lower and upper Beth-horon.) 25And all those who escaped were healed by her daughter; for she was a woman physician, and she healed the sick. 26And she also healed Edan the son of Ammihud, 27Of the sons of Nun, the father of Hosea.

28And their possessions and habitations were: Beth-el and its towns and Shechem and its towns and Anath and its towns; 29And by the borders of the children of Manasseh, Beth-sechem and its towns, Taanach and its towns, Megiddo and its towns, and Dor and its towns. In these cities dwelt the children of Joseph the son of Israel.

30The sons of Asher were Imnah, Ishuah, Ishuai, Beriah, and their sister Sarah. 31And the sons of Beriah: Hepher and Malchiel, who is the father of Birzavith. 32And Hepher begat Phelet, Shomer, Hotham, and Shua their sister. 33And the sons of Phelet: Pasach, Bimhal, and Ashvath. These are the sons of Phelet: Arah, and Hananaiel. 34And the sons of Shamer: Ahi, Rohgah, Jehubbah, and Aram. 35And the sons of his brother Helem: Zophah and Imna and Shelesh and Amal. 36The sons of Zophah: Suah and Harnepher and Shual and Beri and Imrah, 37Bezer and Hod and Shamma and Shilshah and Ithran and Beera. 38And the sons of Jether: Jophaniah, and Pispah and Ara. 39And the sons of Ulla: Arah and Haniel and Rezia. 40These were the sons of Asher, heads of their father's house, according to their generations, valiant men, chiefs of the princes. Their number was reckoned in the army for battle, twenty-six thousand men.

Holy Bible From The Ancient Eastern Texts: Aramaic Of The Peshitta by George M. Lamsa (1933)

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