Isaiah 27
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1In that day YHWH lays a charge, || With His sword—the sharp, and the great, and the strong, || On leviathan—a fleeing serpent, || And on leviathan—a crooked serpent, || And He has slain the dragon that [is] in the sea.

2In that day respond to her, “A desirable vineyard,

3I, YHWH, am its keeper, || I water it every moment, || Lest any lay a charge against it, || Night and day I keep it!

4Fury is not in Me; Who gives Me a brier—a thorn in battle? I step into it, || I burn it at once.

5Or—he takes hold on My strength, || [That] he makes peace with Me, || [And] he makes peace with Me.”

6He causes those coming in to take root, || Jacob blossoms, and Israel has flourished, || And they have filled the face of the world [with] increase.

7Has He struck him as the striking of his striker? Does He slay as the slaying of his slain?

8In measure, in sending it forth, you strive with it, || He has taken away by His sharp wind, || In the day of an east wind,

9Therefore the iniquity of Jacob is covered by this, || And this [is] all the fruit—To take away his sin, || In his setting all the stones of an altar, || As chalkstones beaten in pieces, || They do not rise—Asherim and images.

10For the fortified city [is] alone, || A habitation cast out and forsaken as a wilderness, || There the calf delights, || And there it lies down, || And has consumed its branches.

11In the withering of its branch it is broken off, || Women are coming in [and] setting it on fire, || For it [is] not a people of understanding, || Therefore its Maker does not pity it, || And its Former does not favor it.

12And it has come to pass in that day, || YHWH beats out from the branch of the river, || To the stream of Egypt, || And you are gathered one by one, O sons of Israel. 13And it has come to pass in that day, || It is blown with a great horn, || And those perishing in the land of Asshur have come in, || And those cast out in the land of Egypt, || And have bowed themselves to YHWH, || In the holy mountain—in Jerusalem!

Literal Standard Version
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