Micah 5
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1Now gather yourself together, O daughter of troops, || He has laid a siege against us, || They strike [the] judge of Israel on the cheek with a rod.

2“And you, Beth-Lehem Ephratah, || Little to be among the chiefs of Judah! From you He comes forth to Me—to be ruler in Israel, || And His comings forth [are] of old, || From the days of antiquity.”

3Therefore He gives them up until the time she who brings forth has brought forth, || And the remnant of His brothers return to the sons of Israel.

4And He has stood and delighted in the strength of YHWH, || In the excellence of the Name of His God YHWH, || And they have remained, || For now He is great to the ends of the earth.

5And this [One] has been peace. Asshur, when he comes into our land, || And when he treads in our palaces, || We have raised against him seven shepherds, || And eight anointed of man.

6And they have afflicted the land of Asshur with the sword, || And the land of Nimrod at its openings, || And He has delivered from Asshur when he comes into our land, || And when he treads in our borders.

7And the remnant of Jacob has been in the midst of many peoples, || As dew from YHWH—as showers on the herb, || That does not wait for man, nor stays for the sons of men.

8Indeed, the remnant of Jacob has been among nations, || In the midst of many peoples, || As a lion among beasts of a forest, || As a young lion among ranks of a flock, || Which if it has passed through, || Has both trodden down and has torn, || And there is no deliverer.

9High is your hand above your adversaries, || And all your enemies are cut off.

10“And it has come to pass in that day,” || A declaration of YHWH, || “I have cut off your horses from your midst, || And I have destroyed your chariots,

11And I have cut off the cities of your land, || And I have thrown down all your fortresses,

12And have cut off sorcerers out of your hand, || And observers of clouds—you have none.

13And I have cut off your carved images, || And your standing-pillars out of your midst, || And you do not bow yourself anymore || To the work of your hands.

14And I have plucked up your Asherim out of your midst, || And I have destroyed your enemies.

15And I have done vengeance in anger and in fury, || With the nations who have not listened!”

Literal Standard Version
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