Proverbs 2
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1My son, if you accept my sayings, "" And lay up my commands with you,

2To cause your ear to attend to wisdom, "" You incline your heart to understanding,

3For if you call for intelligence, "" [And] give forth your voice for intelligence,

4If you seek her as silver, "" And search for her as hid treasures,

5Then you understand the fear of YHWH, "" And you find the knowledge of God.

6For YHWH gives wisdom, "" Knowledge and understanding from His mouth.

7Even to lay up substance for the upright, "" A shield for those walking uprightly.

8To keep the paths of judgment, "" And He preserves the way of His saints.

9Then you understand righteousness, "" And judgment, and uprightness—every good path.

10For wisdom comes into your heart, "" And knowledge is pleasant to your soul,

11Thoughtfulness watches over you, "" Understanding keeps you,

12To deliver you from an evil way, "" From any speaking contrary things,

13Who are forsaking paths of uprightness, "" To walk in ways of darkness,

14Who are rejoicing to do evil, "" They delight in [the] contrariness of the wicked,

15Whose paths [are] crooked, "" Indeed, they are perverted in their ways.

16To deliver you from the strange woman, "" From the stranger who has made her sayings smooth,

17Who is forsaking the guide of her youth, "" And has forgotten the covenant of her God.

18For her house has inclined to death, "" And her paths to Rephaim.

19None going in to her return, "" Nor do they reach the paths of life.

20That you go in the way of the good, "" And keep the paths of the righteous.

21For the upright inhabit the earth, "" And the perfect are left in it,

22And the wicked are cut off from the earth, "" And treacherous dealers plucked out of it!

Literal Standard Version
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