Psalm 112
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1Praise YAH! [ALEPH-BET] O the blessedness of one fearing YHWH, || He has greatly delighted in His commands.

2His seed is mighty in the earth, || The generation of the upright is blessed.

3Wealth and riches [are] in his house, || And his righteousness is standing forever.

4Light has risen in darkness to the upright, || Gracious, and merciful, and righteous.

5The man—good, gracious, and lending, || He sustains his matters in judgment.

6For he is not moved for all time; For the righteous is a continuous memorial.

7He is not afraid of an evil report, || His heart is prepared [and] confident in YHWH.

8His heart is sustained—he does not fear, || Until he looks on his adversaries.

9He has scattered—has given to the needy, || His righteousness is standing forever, || His horn is exalted with glory.

10The wicked sees, and has been angry, || He gnashes his teeth, and has melted, || The desire of the wicked perishes!

Literal Standard Version
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