Psalm 146
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1Praise YAH! Praise, O my soul, YHWH.

2I praise YHWH during my life, || I sing praise to my God while I exist.

3Do not trust in princes—in a son of man, || For he has no deliverance.

4His spirit goes forth, he returns to his earth, || In that day his thoughts have perished.

5O the blessedness of him || Who has the God of Jacob for his help, || His hope [is] on his God YHWH,

6Making the heavens and earth, || The sea and all that [is] in them, || Who is keeping truth for all time,

7Doing judgment for the oppressed, || Giving bread to the hungry.

8YHWH is loosing the prisoners, || YHWH is opening (the eyes of) the blind, || YHWH is raising the bowed down, || YHWH is loving the righteous,

9YHWH is preserving the strangers, || He causes the fatherless and widow to stand, || And He turns the way of the wicked upside down.

10YHWH reigns for all time, || Your God, O Zion, to generation and generation, || Praise YAH!

Literal Standard Version
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