Hosea 8
New American Bible Revised Edition

Corruption of Cult, Domestic and Foreign Politics

1Put the trumpet to your lips!a

One like an eagle* is over the house of the Lord!

Because they have violated my covenant,

and rebelled against my law,

2They cry out to me,

“My God! We know you!”

3But Israel has rejected what is good;

the enemy* shall pursue him.

4* They made kings, but not by my authority;

they established princes, but without my knowledge.

With their silver and gold

they made idols for themselves,

to their own destruction.

5He has rejected your calf,* Samaria!b

My wrath is kindled against them;

How long will they be incapable of innocence

in Israel?

6An artisan made it,

it is no god at all.c

The calf of Samaria

will be dashed to pieces.

7When they sow the wind,

they will reap the whirlwind;d

The stalk of grain that forms no head

can yield no flour;

Even if it could,

strangers would swallow it.

8Israel is swallowed up;

now they are among the nations,

like a useless vessel.

9For they went up to Assyria—*

a wild ass off on its own—

Ephraim bargained for lovers.e

10Even though they bargain with the nations,

I will now gather them* together;

They will soon succumb

under the burden of king and princes.

11* When Ephraim made many altars to expiate sin,

they became altars for sinning.

12Though I write for him my many instructions,

they are considered like a stranger’s.

13They love sacrifice,

they sacrifice meat and eat it,

but the Lord is not pleased with them.f

Now he will remember their guilt

and punish their sins;g

they shall return to Egypt.* h

14Israel has forgotten his makeri

and has built palaces.

Judah, too, has fortified many cities,

but I will send fire upon his cities,

to devour their strongholds.j

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