2 Timothy 4:14
Alexander the coppersmith did great harm to me. The Lord will repay him according to his deeds.
Indignation an Important Quality in a True ManW. H. Baxendale.2 Timothy 4:14
Of Whom be Thou WareT. Hall, B. D.2 Timothy 4:14
PersonalR. Finlayson 2 Timothy 4:9-22
The Warning Against Alexander the CoppersmithT. Croskery 2 Timothy 4:14, 15

I. THE CHARACTER OF THIS MAN. "Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil... for he greatly withstood our words." This implies that he had been at Rome, and was still an enemy to the gospel (1 Timothy 1:20), as in the day when the apostle delivered him and Hymenaeus over to Satan at Ephesus. Probably trade interests may have inspired the fierceness of his hatred to the apostle, for he may have been an idol maker. He was insulting and spiteful and obstinate in his gainsaying.

II. THE RETRIBUTION THAT WOULD OVERTAKE HIM. "The Lord will render to him according to his works."

1. This is to state a fact in Divine providence, quite irrespective of the apostle's wishes or feelings.

2. Transgressors against the cause of God have to reckon in the last resort, not with humble apostles, but with God himself.

III. WARNING AGAINST HIS WAYS. "Of whom be thou ware also." He was a heretic and a blasphemer, and as such had been delivered to Satan, and was still perversely opposed to the truth. Timothy was warned to be watchful against his devices. It was no personal injury, but resistance to the gospel, that dictated this counsel. - T.C.

Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil.
At a party at Dalkeith Palace, where Mr. — in his mawkish way was finding palliations for some villainous transaction, Adam Smith waited in patient silence until he was gone, then exclaimed, "Now I can breathe more freely. I cannot bear that man; he has no indignation in him."

(W. H. Baxendale.)

1. We must shun the society of incurable sinners. Whilst men are hopeful and curable we must try all means to win them.

2. Opposing of the truth is very grievous to a gracious soul. "For he hath greatly withstood our words." God's people are baptized with fire as well as with water, and must be hot and not lukewarm or indifferent in the things of God.

3. Wicked men do not so much oppose our persons as our preaching. They hate us not as men, but as ministers, because we publish the truth that condemns their wicked practices.

(T. Hall, B. D.)

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