The Shepherd Misses One When it has Strayed from the Flock
Luke 15:3-7
And he spoke this parable to them, saying,…

The Redeemer's knowledge is infinite; He looks not only over the multitude generally, but into each individual. When I stand on a hillock at the edge of a broad meadow, and look across the sward, it may be said in a general way that I look on all the grass of that field: but the sun in the sky looks on it after another fashion — shines on. every down-spike that protrudes from every blade. It is thus that the Good Shepherd knows the flock. Knowing all, He misses any one that wanders. He missed a world when it fell, although His worlds lie scattered like grains of golden dust on the blue field of Heaven — the open infinite.

(W. Arnot.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And he spake this parable unto them, saying,

WEB: He told them this parable.

The Sheep that was Lost and Found
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