The Offering of the Princes
Numbers 7:1-4
And it came to pass on the day that Moses had fully set up the tabernacle, and had anointed it, and sanctified it…

The offering of the princes is set out by certain circumstances, of the time when they offered, when Moses had fully set up the tabernacle and had sanctified it, &c., of the persons which offered, the princes of the tribes, the heads of the house of their fathers, and of the place where they are offered, it was before the Lord. Then their offering is described by the particulars that were offered, which is performed jointly or severally. The doctrine from hence is this, that a good work begun, especially furthering God's worship, is not to be intermitted until it be brought to perfection. We see this in Ezra 5:1, 2; Ezra 6:14. The like zeal and forwardness we see in Nehemiah 4:3, 4, &c. The apostle persuading the Corinthians to liberality toward the saints, willeth them readily to perform that which they had willingly begun. The reasons are plain.

1. The God of heaven will prosper weak beginnings if there be a readiness and cheerfulness in us. This should be a great encouragement unto us, as it was to Nehemiah (Nehemiah 2:20).

2. If we look back we are not apt to God's kingdom (Luke 9:62). If we give over we lose our labour, we miss our reward.

3. It is better not to begin than, having begun, not to proceed; better never to lay the first stone in the building than, having laid a good foundation, not to make an end, because it will be said to our reproach (Luke 14:30).

1. This serves, first, to reprove such as give over their profession, resting in a good work begun and in weak and small beginnings.

2. Secondly, it reproveth such as stand at a stay, such as neither go forward nor backward, but are always the same men, and look where you left them, there you shall be sure to find them. These are earthly minded and savour only of the earth.

3. Thirdly, such deserve to be reproved who hate those that go before and beyond them in the duties of piety, in gifts of knowledge and understanding.

4. Fourthly, it is our duty to proceed in sanctification, and labour to bring forth fruit evermore in old age (Psalm 92:15).

(W. Attersoll.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And it came to pass on the day that Moses had fully set up the tabernacle, and had anointed it, and sanctified it, and all the instruments thereof, both the altar and all the vessels thereof, and had anointed them, and sanctified them;

WEB: It happened on the day that Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle, and had anointed it and sanctified it, with all its furniture, and the altar with all its vessels, and had anointed and sanctified them;

The Free-Will Offering of the Princes
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