Things of Like Nature Desire Union
2 Timothy 1:4
Greatly desiring to see you, being mindful of your tears, that I may be filled with joy;

Two flames will become one, and two rivers, if they meet, willingly make but one stream. And are not all the faithful baptized with fire, and of the like temperature and condition? A faithful man affecteth nothing above the Lord; His image is the only object of his love; and does not every good man in part resemble that, and carry it about with him? Do not the sparkles of grace and wisdom appear in their faces? Is there not a kind of Divine influence in their speeches? They in some measure resemble their father, as dear children; and from the contrary ground the wicked are an abomination to the just. They will build up one another in their holy faith, consult for the good of the Church, and tell one another what the Lord hath done for their soul; yea, the very sight of a good man in the morning, a dream of him in the night, will make one walk with more cheerfulness all the day following. The face of the faithful is like the loadstone, it conveyeth strength to many, and yet is never the weaker, poorer; and as the one is reputed a great wonder in nature, so is the other as great a wonder in grace.

(J. Barlow, D. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Greatly desiring to see thee, being mindful of thy tears, that I may be filled with joy;

WEB: longing to see you, remembering your tears, that I may be filled with joy;

The Power of Tears
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