Relationship to Christ
Mark 3:31-35
There came then his brothers and his mother, and, standing without, sent to him, calling him.…

I. ITS IMPORTANCE. It is an everlasting relationship.

1. It delivers us from what is earthly and vain. It is only by the formation of a higher kinsmanship that we can be severed from the drag of the carnal.

2. It connects with salvation and eternal life. It is the grafting into the living stem of the vine.

3. It connects us with honour and glory. All that our kinsman has becomes ours.

II. ITS FORMATION (John 1:12). This is the first point at which we commence doing the will of God.

III. ITS MANIFESTATION. A life of service, of doing the Father's will.

1. Are our hearts doing the Father's will?

2. Are our intellects doing the Father's will?

3. Are our purposes doing the Father's will?

4. Is our life doing the Father's will?

5. Is our family doing the Father's will?

6. Is our business life doing the Father's will? Thus let us test our relationship to Christ.

(H. Bonar, D. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: There came then his brethren and his mother, and, standing without, sent unto him, calling him.

WEB: His mother and his brothers came, and standing outside, they sent to him, calling him.

Kinship to Jesus
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