The Twofold Song of the Believer
Psalm 101:1-8
I will sing of mercy and judgment: to you, O LORD, will I sing.


1. What is it? Goodness and kindness to the undeserving.

2. What is there in mercy, of which we ought to sing?

(1)  The marvellousness of its origin.

(2)  The expensiveness of its sacrifices.

(3)  The abundance of its blessings.

(4)  Its universality and freeness.

(5)  As to other special distinctions of mercy.Its length — from eternity to eternity. Its height, — higher than the heavens, and above the clouds. Its perpetuity — it endureth for ever. Besides, it is said to be strong, rich, tender, faithful; and above all, God Himself delighteth in it. What a theme then for holy contemplation and joyous song.

II. JUDGMENT. This may mean —

1. God's righteousness.

2. God's law.

3. God's wrath.

4. God's chastening dispensations.

(1)  Their wise administration.

(2)  The tenderness of their application.

(3)  The supports He gives with them.

(4)  The great ends His judgments are to accomplish.Conclusion.

1. Have we not a keynote which ought to suit every heart and voice?

2. The advantages of this joyous course will be many. It will lighten the load of sorrow. It will sweeten the bitter potion. It will while away the dreary hour. It will exhilarate the oppressed and fainting heart. It will, by a kind of divine chemistry, bring new elements of health and comfort out of nauseous medicines. It will cheer the soul, honour religion, glorify your Father, and aid greatly in your spiritual and upward flight to the land of eternal joy and everlasting glory.

3. May some now learn to sing the Lord's song in a strange land.

4. Sing on the way to heaven, in the expectation of singing there, for ever and ever.

(J. Burns, D.D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: {A Psalm of David.} I will sing of mercy and judgment: unto thee, O LORD, will I sing.

WEB: I will sing of loving kindness and justice. To you, Yahweh, I will sing praises.

The Twofold Song
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