Communion with God
Lamentations 3:57
You drew near in the day that I called on you: you said, Fear not.


1. It supposes all obstacles to His approach removed.

2. It asserts an actual intercourse with God.

3. It asserts that the tokens of His love were enjoyed; and nearness and familiarity of friendly communication. It implies also the influences and consolations of the Holy Spirit: for it is by His Spirit that God is pleased to maintain converse with His people.

II. THE SEASON WHEN THIS APPROACH TO THE MIND WAS ENJOYED. "In the day that I called upon Thee." Observe that this was a day of trouble.

1. This dungeon may be considered as a representation of temporal adversity, or spiritual distress; to both of which the children of God are subject.

2. A day of trouble ought to be a day of prayer. "Is any among you afflicted? Let him pray."

3. God never treats with indifferences the prayers of His children.

4. When God, in answer to the prayers of His people, is pleased to draw near to them, it must have a most reviving influence on the mind.


1. The best and most eminent believers may be the subjects of fear. In the animal world, the lion is distinguished by his courage, the hare by its timidity. And thus in human minds there is a vast diversity: some are bold and unacquainted with the passion of fear; others are the contrary, and tremble like an aspen leaf, and are liable to fear even where no fear is.

2. But there in everything is a consciousness of God's presence with us to disarm these terrors. "Thou saidst, Fear not." God says this by His word and spirit, and by His providence, and by the exhortations of Christian friends. And if He be with you, what have you to fear? In concluding this subject, first, admire the condescension and grace of the Divine Being, that He is pleased thus to notice the circumstances in which we are placed, and to afford relief under every painful dispensation.

3. We should be led to inquire whether we know anything of the approach of God to the mind.

4. I infer the misery of those who are far from God, and strangers to spiritual intercourse. "Behold all that are far from Him perish."

(G. Clayton.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Thou drewest near in the day that I called upon thee: thou saidst, Fear not.

WEB: You drew near in the day that I called on you; you said, Don't be afraid.

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