Pleading with God
Job 23:1-6
Then Job answered and said,…

God hath chosen His people in the furnace of affliction. The greatest saints are often the greatest sufferers.

I. WHERE SHALL I FIND GOD? Where is His mercy seat? Whore doth He graciously reveal Himself to those who seek Him? I know that I may find Him in nature. The world, the universe of worlds, are the works of His hands. We may find Him in the Bible, in the secret place of prayer, and in my own heart.

II. HOW SHALL I APPROACH HIM? Sinner that I am, how shall I order my cause before a righteous and holy Judge? Prayer is the appointed method, the duty enjoined upon all, the universal condition of forgiveness and salvation. Why is prayer made the condition of the blessing? Because it is the confession of my need, and the declaration of my desire; the acknowledgment of my helpless dependency, and the expression of my humble trust in His almighty goodness. But all prayer must be offered through the mediation of God's beloved Son. And we must come with sincerity.

III. WHAT PLEA MUST I EMPLOY? Shall I plead the dignity of my rank, or the merit of my work, or the purity of my heart? I will plead His glorious name, and His unspeakable gift, and His great and precious promises. I will plead the manifestation of His mercy to others, and the numberless instances of His grace to myself.

IV. AND WHAT ANSWER SHALL I RECEIVE? Will God disregard my suit? No. "He will put strength in me." He will show me what is in my favour; suggest to my mind additional and irrefutable arguments. "I shall know the words that He will answer me."

(J. Cross, D. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Then Job answered and said,

WEB: Then Job answered,

Oh that I Knew Where I Might Find Him
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